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She is “handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable residence and completely happy disposition” (7). In this respect, Heckerling pays homage to Austen in setting up a similar figure. Because of their prosperity, both Emma and Précieux are spoiled, in control socially, and are likely to think also highly of themselves. This is a result of deficiency of a maternal figure in their particular lives, and their fathers’ over-indulgence. Cher has every thing a young girl may want: cash, her very own Jeep, a massive wardrobe, etc. Like a lots of girls, the girl spends a lot of time and money with the mall; nevertheless , she consumes hundreds and thousands of dollars onto her clothes, not the kind of money a typical adolescent would dedicate. Because her father is indeed busy along with his court situations, he offers little time to invest with her to give her guidance and discipline. An example of Cher’s snobbishness can be seen in the scene where she and Dionne will be explaining to Tai how to become more popular. Cher declares that she has already begun to elevate her social position “due to fact that you hang with Dionne and I. ” Cher may be acquiring pity on Tai, although she will so with a great air of arrogance because she is aware of she is coming from a higher interpersonal class.

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The minor characters of both novel as well as the film take action to demonstrate the main characters and continue the flow of the account. For instance, the arrival of Frank Churchill causes Knightley to sense consciously initially the real nature of his feelings pertaining to Emma because he feels immediate jealousy. In Clueless, Josh or Knightley’s counterpart requires an instant hate to Christian or Honest Churchill’s equal when he arrives to take Cher on their 1st date. Josh watches jealously as Précieux comes down the stairs, looking even more beautiful than normal. This puts suspense and hope in the viewer’s center that could be Cher know true love is right in front of her instead of concentrating her initiatives on other folks as Emma also will.


This kind of paper in brief discussed the parallels between Jane Austen’s Emma plus the film Clueless. The performs are obviously didactic and are meant to teach us that helping other folks is a advantage while understanding one’s own motivation is additionally important. The characters of Cher and Emma are incredibly similar in several ways despite the big difference in time period. The small characters function to illustrate the main heroes and continue the rate of the storyline.

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