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We intend to present a powerful on display keyboard design called Easy Swipe Key pad. Our design and style objective should be to increase typing speed and minimize typing errors as much as possible. To build up an efficient layout, we built-in some further designing factors like bigram, trigram and 4-gram [4] along with English page frequency version.

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Our proposed keyboard layout contains only almost 8 buttons. Syndication of key is given in table-1.

Our priority was to you can put 26 English letters (a-z / A-Z) and mostly used punctuation personas in a systematic way. Among the list of 8 buttons, 3 will be rectangular formed. In the center of those rectangular switches, we put ‘t’, ‘i’, and ‘p’. While putting them we deemed top 50 bigrams (frequently used figure pairs) in English Buchstabenfolge [4]. Single simply click these three buttons can make the corresponding alphabets visible within the screen. Up to this, most measurements are done based on page frequency and top 60 bigrams in English Terminology.

The other 3 letters are put using the ten sides of each and every rectangular switch. Here likewise we employed top 40 Bigrams of English Vocabulary. For example , we found ‘th’ is the mainly used bigram in English. As ‘t’ was previously placed in the center of one rectangular, our major decision was going to place ‘h’ in the shut down rectangular wherever ‘t’ is positioned. But among the list of 8 attributes of that rectangular, a randomly chosen area has better chance of violating Fitts’ regulation [8]. So although deciding in which ‘h’ ought to be placed, we considered the following few bigrams of ‘h’.

From your bigram list we found that subsequent few bigrams containing ‘h’ are ‘he’ and ‘ha’. So , all of us narrowed down our decision. ‘h’ must be sealed where contains ‘t’ in addition to that particular side by where ‘e’ and ‘a’ can be many easily reached. All button’s width, height and inter button range were previously calculated [10]. Therefore , it was not a very difficult activity to determine the part of that square where exactly ‘h’ should be placed. In order to display the characters that are placed in different sides from the button, we need to slide from your center from the button towards specific part of the square.

One more example is likely to make our building idea crystal clear. While positioning ‘e’ all of us found that ‘the’ can be on top of each of our 3gram list. While selecting the side, we all considered following few bigrams containing ‘n’ which are ‘ion’. Other case in point will imclude, ‘ur’, ‘ly’, ‘ha’, ‘ion’ etc .

We noticed that some characters are lacking in our leading 50 bigrams list. It’s an indication that they will be not very commonly used. ‘w’, ‘v’ and ‘p’ are some of these letters [4]. However, randomly putting them is a poor idea. So , we chose to introduce thinking about trigram (frequently used a few letters). Again we considered top 55 trigrams [4] in our creating. Mostly used trigrams containing ‘w’ are ‘wit’ and ‘was’. Using prior techniques, all of us placed ‘w’ in a aspect where optimum distances intended for typing words containing ‘w’ are reduced.

The look leaves almost eight empty areas in the major 3 switches. We pointed out that some punctuation letters are incredibly frequently used. Therefore , next we placed a couple of most frequently used punctuation characters in those nine positions. Minimum movements time was taken care of carefully. For instance , we positioned the mainly used two punctuation characters ‘. ‘ and ‘, ‘ in central button to get the ease of the consumer.

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