Domestic Violence and Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Essay


1 . What is the ethical issue or issue? Identify the situation succinctly. The ethical issue that the police officers did not visibly see the partner drive his car that they only think that he did so therefor they can arrest him on a DUI 2 . Exactly what are the most important information? Which details have the most bearing around the ethical decision presented?

Incorporate any significant potential financial, social, or political challenges, and leave out inconsequential facts. The most important details would be the particular police officers noticed. The husband incredible up to the door him also is fumbling together with his keys the hood from the car being warm. As well as the husband getting visible intoxicated with slurred speech and failing a sobriety check. However the the very first thing is official Nixon’s encounter and him being able to give probable cause of an detain.

3. Discover each claimant (key actor) who has the in the final result of this moral issue. From your perspective with the moral agentthe individual thinking about an ethical course of actionwhat obligation can be owed for the claimant? For what reason?

Claimant (key actor)Obligation (owed to the claimant)Perspective (What will the claimant hope will happen? ) HusbandJusticesThe husband will try to prevent being imprisoned and possible prosecuted pertaining to domestic violence and driving while impaired. Wife Fidelity May not need her hubby being caught however she would like to think safe in her own house. In addition , your woman does not desire her spouse to harm someone or kill them while he can driving consumed.

Officer NixonFidelity Wants to be able to protect the wife via her violent husband as well as the citizens. In his oath he had taken he has to follow the regulation. Officer RookBeneficenceWould be the same as officer Nixon however with him being new on the job his decision from this situation may affect his future decisions.

Citizens from the communityFidelityCitizens need to experience safe in their community.

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