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My estimation is that once analyzing the main characteristics of the society, it can be true that you must research its main cities; on the other hand focusing simply in major cities will generate a biased result.

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They concentrate an important part of the population of any country and they can signify well the primary characteristics of the urban your life of a particular society, however they fail in reflecting the rural world, ethnic minorities and native languages. Main cities reflect the characteristics from the best-educated sectors of the human population, the ones with higher incomes and better job possibilities, on the other hand, small towns and rural neighborhoods may have got totally different features and will definately have reduced quality education, lower income and worse opportunities in terms of remuneration.

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One of these is Cina, if a single were to take a look at major cities like Shanghai in china, Hong Kong and Beijing and only focusing on those cities, the conclusions will be wrong. One could conclude that China is extremely industrialized, that its contemporary society organizes in crowded, modern and overloaded cities. The truth about China is there are two facts, the city China showed in main cities and the rural a single, depicted in the small areas, both with contrasting qualities.

In short, taking a look at the major metropolitan areas is extremely important to assess an important number of the society, however we should always keep in mind which a society consists by several groups and realities and in order to understand it correctly we have to look into an agent set of communities whether they happen to be big or small.

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