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Barbie Doll, Countrywide Identity

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Yes, I do for what reason because of multiple reason. Following reading the poem “Barbie Doll” it made me think that we because Americans worry about our overall look a little too very much. That should be not what on each of our mind. Me personally as a person I do not get into physical appearance to very much because having cares what others think. people in general make me mad cause they think persons should appearance a certain method because of this and its particular miserable. People in the usa have their own unique type of dressing and looking a certain method. Let persons be who also they want to end up being as a person. Judging persons off the look of them is incorrect. In my opinion looks are not an issue, who’s cares what a person looks like I am talking about I care but it won’t matter so long a person can vibe with you it shouldn’t subject.

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You are sharing with a person “They may look good” is showing them they’re not needed in this contemporary society and everyone can be welcome as the good lord made all as one. Inside the poem “Barbie Doll” the first stanza first collection states “the girl was created unusual”. This kind of first range made me believe why they might say the girl with an unusual child cause of the way in which she came to be. She is different when the girl was born. The girl with not distinct, she is much like we are all Us citizens. She can’t help the girl was born that way. Its in her genetics.

Everyone is beautiful inside their own way. Beauty standards play a big role inside our society, understand what uphold to these standards people place on all of us we are not really welcome. You are limited, especially with all of us being in an age where social networking is a predominant part of existence. Men and women need to look some way in order to “fit in”. if you ask me is a bunch of equine crap. Persons do this individuals doesn’t enjoy individuality.

People state they do but they frown upon those who appear different or dress distinct. As technology we look up to people that are famous and follow them, and it became a tendency. Social media performs a big component in natural beauty standards. For example , men get the latest haircuts to look like a specific football or perhaps basketball gamer. All folks dyed their head of hair blonde or perhaps got curly hair like Odell. Females put on bundles and get artificial bodies parts or human body enhancements to look like Ange Jayda or Miracle Watts. Its every big routine of goof see goof do. Magnificence standards really are a major role in U. S. alone. In the “Barbie Doll” it explained that “she cut her off her nose and legs” the girl was looking to improve her body, so she can look like the remaining females the girl was almost certainly hanging out with since they were probably talking about her. Which is false cause We can’t surround myself with a bunch imitation people. People should quit putting so much on splendor, its shredding people aside in ways you can’t imagine. Splendor is probably in top ten purpose people murdered themselves mainly because they avoid fit in with various other because of their appears or the way there was delivered. And these types of commercial on tv are no better then social media.

These kinds of commercials put a lot pf pressure on men and females every day and do not even are aware of it. They most likely just think it merely requires for marketing purposes but its not their tearing each of our youth and young adults up. Commercials like CoverGirl, L’Oreal Paris, and Revlon every have mentality brainwash people mind’s. Persons see these commercial day-to-day a get this understanding that they have to look like this kind of, and that’s incorrect then you needs to be yourself. All these people are carrying out is creating people to have low-self-esteem and that is another awful cause to people killing all their self inside the U. S i9000. the composition “Barbie Doll” said “In the casket displayed in satin the girl lay” was saying the lady was eradicating herself since she was continuing to please everyone else by her looks once all the girl should have carried out was become herself. People who have power who own all these personality businesses should take in concern these things they are putting out is injuring us. However, not to mention these types of fashion websites and these designer models is damaging us to. These websites that show off these models in their clothes make the women and men want to buy their clothing. Because they will see how the clothes fit them. In order that when people begin thinking they will maybe have got to get in shape only to try to look like them its all a repeating pattern of goof see monkey do. All these reasons are generally gone turn into emotional pain to people. These standards actually are becoming more convincing, and so carry out woman and young girls with low self-worth.

My answer is this because looking at world and social websites outlets we come across that we all want to fit in. people no matter what age group wish to be accepted as being a beautiful person. The reason being is due to American standard on beauty. When I assess the standards of American beauty I realize that their particular prime sort of beauty may be the model The mind blowing kim kardashian and as men they want to seem like rappers like the rap group Migos and so forth Women believe they meant to look like such and such but it really false information. You came in this world being who you wish to be and do what you would like to be beautiful on you aren’t a shouldn’t care the other say. In the “Barbie Doll” poem the author establish the girl was “She was healthy, examined intelligent, had strong biceps and triceps and again, abundant sex drive and manual dexterity”.

The girl was healthy and a great looking girl and she smart asked a strong existence when your woman walks in. she has a powerful sex drive and dexterity which usually some males look for in women. Your woman thinks she gets look and feel a certain to be accepted in her society. The girl should have to get a body development just to always be someone. Just be yourself all in all and if that they can’t accept after that it rock by itself. You shouldn’t need to change your self just fit in with other that welcome both. All these magnificence standard is creating mental problems gowns leading to males and females. Eating disorder girls starving their selves and mentality hurting theirselves only to fit in with world.

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