Excursion at the Montauban my own (September twenty-first, 2014)

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Montauban is a Zn-rich VMS put in that has been exploited from 1910 to the 60s including a number of gold-rich specific zones. The put in is managed in extremely deformed scenic rocks metamorphosed to the upper amphibolite quality. Part of the put in is observable on outcrops and a piece from the improved footwall to unaltered basalts in the dangling wall have been visited by a group of half a dozen student from the Universite Laval and the INRS-ETE. Antoine Cate, Ph.

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D. scholar on a metamorphosed VMS first deposit lead the tour. Learners have noticed a typical section through a bent VMS pay in with the uncommon mineral assemblages due to the high-grade metamorphism (anthophyllite, grossular, tremolite, sillimanite, calcsilcates¦), as well as porphyroblastic sulphides (sphalerite and pyrite). The field trip allowed students to observe the effect of metamorphism on hydrothermal alteration vitamin assemblages and also to document the geometry of the VMS put in.

Figure one particular: Students of the chapter on the Montauban les Mines web page.

Visit of COREM installations in Quebec City (Friday January 17, 2014) A group of some students traveled to visit the COREM installations, the research range for mineral treatment and metallurgy methods. The visit was leaded by Jean-François Wilhelmy, Extractive Mineralogy Specialist, to learn regarding different physical and chemical methods used in the sector. The group visited the pilot factory, which illustrates several of these processes. The students were also introduced to the MLA (Mineral Liberation Analyser), a new system that can accurately and quickly quantify minerals in put emphasis samples.

Check out of Niobec Mine in Saint-Honore (Wednesday March 19th, 2014) The visit was leaded by simply Marc Lavoie, Geology Tech, and Jean-François Dorion, Search Geologist. The 10 learners had the chance to hear a speech about the local geology and the exploration processes used in Niobec. The group alsovisited the underground installations and had a view from the ore body system, and then made a stop essentially shack. Finally, the geologists took time to explain to the students how the niobium is usually extracted from the muck, and what procedures it implies to do so. This kind of visit likewise allowed many students to look in an underground mine for the first time and was very valued by the group.

Field trip in the Thetford Mine area (April 26-27, 2014)

A two day time field trip in the Thetford Mine region guided simply by Stephane sobre Souza, post-doctoral fellow at the Geological Survey of Canada has been organized. Seven students participated. The essence the field trip was going to do a mix section through the Appalachian orogen, to doc the ophiolitic sequence for Thetford Mine and to take notice of the mineral occurences associated with these kinds of environments. During the first time, students possess observed and interpreted a large number of structural features, including the overprinting of a lot of deformation occasions and a shear-hosted vein network just like that close-by orogenic platinum occurrences. A visit from the Saint Paul asbestos quarry has also been finished. Asbestos a new major effect on the economy of the place until just lately and huge waste piles continue to be visible surrounding the city of Thetford Mine.

Figure two: Stephane De Souza clarifies the intricate structural environment of the Appalachian orogen.

Throughout the second time, outcrops showing the geology of the obducted Thetford Mine ophiolite sequence have been went to, as well as a syn-orogenic conglomerate made up of deformed clasts and that is overlaind by heavy cherts. A podiform chromite showing located in an altered harzburgite and an old stratiform chromite my own have been stopped at.

This field trip allowed the students to observe the geological setting of various mineral ressources and discover the prospectivity of the Appalachian orogen.

Figure a few: chrysotyle problematic veins and podiform chromite within an harzburgite. Snow isstill within the frosty canadian early spring.

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