Miss Havisham lives exclusively in a large house and is also lingering before. She is broken hearted which in turn creates sympathy because of the way she lives her life. She has not moved on, or perhaps changed, this wounderful woman has kept everything the same, although her enthusiast will never go back to her. Dickens does not produce her record really obvious he uses the field to describe how everything has always been the same. The very fact he explains her bridal gown which she always has on, leads us to the summary that some thing happened on her behalf wedding day.


The lady sat, corpse-like Another way we feel sympathy for Miss Havisham is that she is so depressed and place in her ways that all of us pity her. Also, she actually is described within a morbid method, a though she isnt real, like she has no emotions. However we drop sympathy to get Miss Havisham because of the method she responds towards Pip. Miss Havishams face could not smile. She wouldnt laugh at Pip or present any honor towards him. She only kept a straight face often and never showed him emotions or any reason for Pip to like her. As well as this kind of we can inform she has had a hard life and had a lot to cope with simply by her information.

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looked like nothing would ever be able to lift up again By description we can suggest that this lady has looked that way for a while, We also get a picture of any droopy searching woman, without a drop of happiness and like the lady doesnt understand how to have fun. Having looked strongly at how Dickens creates sympathy for his three essential characters it is now clear that he creates sympathy to get his heroes by placing them in malicious or upsetting places. Method Dickens is using to create compassion is throughout the interaction among characters.

When ever Pip is put in harmful or daunting situations it had an adverse effect for some heroes. An example of this is when Magwitch is definitely threatening Play extract 1. For this reason I feel that most sympathy for Pip because practically nothing happens to get rid of the sympathy devised for him. Throughout both components Pop is actually a victim or perhaps feels nervous, upset, intimidated or scared. Whereas Miss Havisham can be described with words connecting sympathy to death. This is actually the only various other method Dickens uses which works effectively and really assists create a picture of poor heart busted Miss Havisham.

no lighting left but the brightness of her sunken eyes is definitely one example of the method. Celebrate pity on her from the reader. Dickens is incredibly successful by building compassion for each character, especially for Pip who seems to be in annoying places much of the time. Nevertheless , it is easy to create sympathy to get a child however for Magwitch its harder. The reader needs to think about the state Magwitch is at before sense sympathy pertaining to him because he threatens a young boy.

Miss Havisham is usually weird right now, emotionless and lifeless which in turn helps create sympathy for her. But the knowledge of her intended manipulation of Estella and Pip brings out her bad attributes. Her bitterness and wish for vengeance against most men, these are not appealing characteristics that are unlikely for making anyone think any sympathy for her. Thus Dickens applied his ways of creating sympathy effectively and so they worked properly.

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