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Diamonds can be a women’s best friend, according to a principle popular in the year 1950s. Alternatively, diamonds might also be forever, an idea popularized in advertising for a number of decades. Expensive diamonds are a symbol of appreciate, but they include hardly recently been the source a vast amount of loving conversation between various populations of humans. Actually diamonds have already been at the root of intense and deadly strife in Serranía Leone, especially, for most in the past 2-3 decades. The fact that advertising for diamonds is so remarkable suggests that advertising messages have some causative responsibility for the devastating city wars in Sierra Leone, and the human being suffering that resulted.

Indeed, in 2k, the World Lender released a study noting that “Greed to get Diamonds and other ‘Lootable’ Commodities Fuels Municipal Wars. inch (World Lender Web site) The statement did not refer to advertising as being a direct contributor. Conceivably, that conclusion could be extrapolated as the World Bank research recommended that “civil wars will be more often fuelled by rebel groups competitive with national governments to get control of gemstones, coffee, and also other valuable primary commodities, instead of by politics, ethnic, or religious differences” (World Lender Web site). There is very little doubt that consumer with regard to such goods as espresso and gemstones – neither of which is necessary to support lifestyle as are water and food – is definitely influenced by simply advertising and also other forms of promo. It might quickly be contended that the reality advertising to get diamonds is very monolithic – it would be difficult to get any adult in America who does not know the tagline “A diamond is forever” – can be one reason demand can be high.

And, indeed, demand was ramped up throughout the 1930s. Right up until then, the engagement ring, an enormously well-known use intended for diamonds today, was often an opal, ruby, sky-blue or turquoise ring, in accordance to 20 or so Ads that Shook the World by Wayne B. Twitchell. (Quoted about Howstuffworks. com) Twitchell contends that Para Beers diamonds company altered the world diamonds market beginning with the “A diamond can be forever” ad campaign that began in 1947. “In 2000, Advertising Grow older magazine named the ad-campaign the slogan of the 20th century”(Howstuffworks. com).

When Para Beers flooded the Japanese industry with the same concept in the 1960s, it elevated diamonds’ acceptance there, too.

Although De Beers got one main aim – convincing individuals who diamonds had been the very best gemstone to own – they diversified their advertising after that to encourage buyers to hold on their family’s already-owned expensive diamonds as heirlooms. That may seem, at first glance, to become a counterproductive marketing strategy, but it worked. That eliminated the ‘aftermarket’ in diamonds, the gems that once might have shown up at sale, perhaps, to ensure that most people who wanted a diamond would have to buy home. “Without persons selling their particular diamonds back to jewelers or other people, the necessity for new expensive diamonds increased” (Howstuffworks. com).

Analysis problem

Sobre Beers has been very powerful in marketing its diamonds, arguably raising demand and sales, and keeping prices high. Presently there have also been extensively researched and extremely bloody civil wars fought above diamonds. Truly does diamond marketing lead to civil strife that damages international relations and causes vast amounts of human battling?

Literature review

Smillie, Ian et ing. “Getting for the Heart from the Matter: Sierra Leone, Diamond jewelry, And Individual Security. inch Social Justice, 27. some, 2000, g. 24.

A gathering of the Collaboration Africa Canada (PAC) group produced a written report noting loath diamonds were central for the conflict inside the small Western world African region of Serranía Leone, and also noted that no serenity would be environmentally friendly there right up until problems associated with mining and selling diamond jewelry had been tackled, both in that nation in addition to the diamond-buying nations.

While has been well reported, which is mentioned in this post, diamonds “have been the main cause of widespread loss of life, destruction, and misery for almost a decade in Sierra Leone. In the 1960s and 1970s… inch (Smillie 2k p. 24). Worse even now, the point with the war has not been to succeed it, but instead to engage in profitable criminal activity concealed as combat, what this article calls “disorganized crime. inch (Smillie 2000 p. 24)

It was known in the intro that Para Beers done an advertising plan to decrease the number of those ‘forever’ gemstones designed for resale coming from family pieces, as well as employing advertising throughout the world to increase require. This article contends that Sobre Beers, which usually had been immediately involved in Macizo Leone before the 1980s, do much more to regulate the prices paid for diamonds, which in turn would subsequently control the lengths people would go to in order to attain them. Following your beginning of the Sierra Leone city wars, Para Beers “its attempts to mop up supplies everywhere in the world, Sobre Beers not simply sustained the artificially higher price of expensive diamonds, it also certainly bought gemstones from war zones” (Smillie 2000 g. 24). Not long after the Serranía Leone damage began 20 years ago, other conflict zones included Angola plus the Democratic Republic of Congo as well. The Sierra Leone strife was masterminded by Revolutionary Combined Front (RUF) (Smillie 2150 p. 24).

The PRESTIGE initially contended that it searched for free elections, as well as sociable and financial justice; it absolutely was then at the end of the United Nations Human Development index (Smillie 2000 s. 24). They did not wage-war on the govt, however , but on the persons. In order to financing their rebellion, they had to wrest power over the precious stone fields in the corrupt federal government (Smillie 2150 p. 24). When an chosen government returned in 1996, the warfare did not end but actually increased in intensity (Smillie 2000 s. 24).

In addition , Sierra Leone was joined them diamond-related criminal activity simply by Liberia, whose president, Charles Taylor, served as company, trainer and mentor to RUF to make Liberia a serious center intended for diamond-related criminal activity.

The article points out it would be wrong to presume Sierra Leone and Liberia, Angola plus the Republic of Congo had been alone inside the criminal activity (Smillie 2000 p. 24). In fact , there were Lebanese precious stone traders and in the early nineties, an interlude with a range of Israeli investors in Sierra Leone’s diamonds “many of them as questionable and as corrupt as their predecessors” (Smillie 2000 p. 24).

The article would not address any kind of harm the diamond battles may have done to foreign relations, nonetheless it does demand the foreign community to put a stop towards the carnage.

The PAC record, as observed in this article, advised specific steps to prevent further social disintegration in Sierra Leone particularly, including:

U. N. Peacekeeping Force to facilitate disarmament and demobilization of cokolwiek and application of U. N. security forces long-term in all diamond areas.

External assistance in working with government data corruption.

Developing a system for good prices to small diamonds mining firms; the financial system has to be able to offer financing that may be adequate and timely.

Motivating the government to improve its requirements for overseas investment in large-scale exploration operations; international help should be sought. (Smillie 2000 l. 24)

This interest in Sierra Leone was re-ignited in-may 2000, after RUF attacked and captured more than five-hundred U. In. peacekeeping troops, killing a lot of. That, and the civil disruption that used, put Serranía Leone, and the diamond difficulty, back in the headlines.

The article concludes that expensive diamonds did not cause the issue, but are, somewhat, its forex, proving the RUF as well as its patrons with strong economical motivation and opportunity.

Milward, H. Brinton and Raab, Jorg. “Dark Networks because Problems. inch Journal of Public Government Research and Theory, 13. 4, 2003, 413+.

This article views gemstones not as the creature of advertising, but rather as simply ‘money’ in the trade to get guns. The authors notice:

There are shipping and delivery and air flow transport services willing and able to travel the guns to warlords who are destabilizing most of West The african continent. The warlords trade gemstones for pistols, and the forearms brokers and transporters subsequently launder the diamonds with brokers in Antwerp and deposit the money in Switzerland banks. (Milward Raab the year 2003, p. 413+)

This article is more worried about with the mother nature of connected with each other networks of legal and illegal agencies than with diamond jewelry per se. Nevertheless , diamonds happen to be central to its studies, and seem, as in the Smillie content, to be not the operative factor in harming international relationships and causing wars, but rather are all their currency. In fact , these creators make reference to Smillie’s work.

The authors contend there are 3 levels of international relations. The very first is the world of armed service power and may, in which the Usa is major. The second is financial power and influence, where the United States stocks and shares power with Europe as well as the developed countries of Asia. The third level “involves the multifarious and proliferating non-governmental activities framing our world: forex flows, migration, transnational corporations, NGOs, foreign agencies, ethnic exchanges, the electronic media, the Internet, and terrorism” (Milward Raab the year 2003, p. 413+). It is this kind of network, they will contend, through which

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