Debeers case examination and infestations analysis

De Beers is currently staying faced with new challenges that are making it necessary for us to consider a difference in the way we all do business. With recent hardship in American Africa, where illicit gemstones are beginning to come from war torn towns, and other types of diamonds getting found in Spain and Quotes, it is clear that we ought to begin to transfer to the U. S. industry. However , legally, De Beers is in infringement of the U. S. antitrust laws and is therefore staying prohibited via selling directly in the U. S. industry. Throughout the next memo Let me identify the difficulties we in De Beers are currently facing. I will after that make some recommendations for action to help all of us move into the U. T. market simply by proposing a relaxation of U. S. antitrust laws with limitations on dubious diamonds, and ultimately I will consider with some implementation steps intended for the solutions that have been advised.



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A PEST analysis continues to be performed on the current scenario facing Sobre Beers. In the following section, I will focus on the most important complications identified inside the PEST research for which we should find alternatives and also within the most important confident forces that individuals must leverage to our benefits in order to preserve or gain market share. Please see Demonstrate 1 pertaining to details on the PEST examination and additional information about other problems we are facing and causes that might help or impede our business in the U. S.

The main of the complications we are up against are as a result of Political issues in the United States and elsewhere. As a result of war in western Africa, diamonds are starting to movement from the conflict torn areas of Sierra Leone and Angola, and Russia, mines are getting controlled nearby as opposed to in collaboration with De Sodas. These challenges alone create a risk to the power that De Sodas currently holds over the gemstone industry. Due to these challenges, we started a logos campaign seeking to brand Sobre Beers expensive diamonds to the consumers. This advertising campaign was based in the U. S., in which “legally, the complete De Sodas group ” its representatives, its functions, its marketing structure ” was in violation of the U. S. antitrust law (Burns, 2000). This kind of prohibited Para Beers coming from directly providing in the United States. Additionally, a politics issue we need to power to our advantage is the U. S. foreign policy towards helping to repair Africa. These political problems will be further more addressed in the recommendations section.

Economically, there may be an predicted surge in diamond revenue expected to take place in the U. S. this year. This stresses the fact that we need to be uninhibited in our marketing and sales work in the U. S. whenever we are to continue to be a successful company. Another economic issue that individuals are facing is that the historic price of diamonds is definitely leveling away and may even end up being decreasing while new types of diamonds happen to be being located. This decline in prices could possibly be devastating to De Sodas and the precious stone industry in general and needs to be avoided without exceptions. The other large monetary issue our company is facing is usually our approach to stabilizing the diamond prices. The stockpiling we presently utilize to control the supply of diamonds and, more specifically, control the price of gemstones, is ingesting away in our revenue, resulting in a low stock price. Our shareholders, of whom 21% will be from the U. S., start to tone dissent regarding our low share rates.

Technically, we have been using each of our single route distribution program to function our approach around the antitrust laws in america and to keep an forearms length from your U. H. legal system. By selling to diamond stores through the Central Selling Firm in London, and controlling the way to obtain diamonds offered to these merchants, we control what stones enter the marketplace at what amount. This solitary distribution route has been essentially of our capacity to regulate the diamond marketplace and without what this means is of syndication, De Beers and the entire diamond sector would tremendously suffer. By simply winning relaxed antitrust laws and regulations in the U. S., we would be able to carry on and leverage the power of the single funnel distribution program.

Socially, the perception of diamonds is a beautiful and rare rock that is a mark of love and of greed and continues to be treasured as such for centuries. In the nineteenth 100 years, the supply of diamonds increased, turning the stones from something the particular elite may purchase, to a commodity which can be purchased by the mass marketplace. Even with this kind of increase in source, the perception of expensive diamonds remained that of a rare andvalued commodity. Therefore , even though the supply of diamonds increased, the perception that they had been rare had not been tarnished, giving the price of this kind of commodity high. This is a key point that we have to leverage: buyers expect and want the price tag on diamonds to remain the expected price of the unique and high respected commodity.


The primary stakeholders that will be impacted by this approaching move into the U. H. market and relaxation in the U. T. antitrust laws are Para Beers and its shareholders, the African economic system, the gemstone industry in general, and gemstone consumers. If perhaps these antitrust laws are generally not relaxed, then simply De Sodas market share can crumble although being substituted by less costly competitors, leading to an overall decline in the diamonds prices, bringing about less earnings to everybody in the precious stone industry. The African overall economy also has a big stake from this decision. In case the diamonds coming from war ripped fields happen to be accepted in to the diamond industry, consumers is going to unknowingly be supporting rebel controlled diamonds mines.

Finally, if the antitrust laws are not relaxed, the shareholders of De Sodas will most likely knowledge a short term increase in share price while the stockpile has been depleted, but also in the long run, the stock price will bottom level out and can not climb again since the price of diamonds will be permanently reduced. The stakeholders that will be many impacted listed below are De Beers as a company and the diamond industry overall, including the Photography equipment economy. Let me focus on these types of stakeholders in the recommendations section.

Recommended Alternatives and Implementation Steps

The subsequent solutions will be being recommended for Para Beers to implement to be able to convince U. S. plan makers to relax the U. S. antitrust laws and enable De Sodas to directly do business within their diamond industry. De Drinks needs to approach U. S i9000. policy producers with the next arguments and inquire for rest of the U. S. antitrust laws with a few restrictions. The criterion for anyone solutions is they are feasible to implement with this current methods and that they do not generate bad press aboutpast lawsuits.

Luxury Items

My first suggestion is to strategy U. T. policy makers with the fact that diamonds really are a commodity and never a necessity. One of the many purposes in the U. T. antitrust regulations is to shield consumer wellness. Diamonds aren’t a necessity and the lack of a diamond would not make kinds life materially different. Therefore , by helping stabilize the provision and value of expensive diamonds, we are certainly not hindering the achievements of people or businesses in the U. S. By keeping the cost of diamonds steady, we are certainly not lessening the caliber of life of any buyers, however were keeping customer value stable. Those a lot of consumers who have already invested in gemstones do not need the price of their investment reduce. By carrying on to help strengthen the price and provide of expensive diamonds, we will make sure that their particular investment is going to maintain value.

In order to apply this, we should conduct some consumer studies to support the fact that individuals are pleased with steady diamond prices and present these information to U. S. coverage makers. All of us also need to gain the support of other members from the diamond industry to help with this remedy. By leveraging our associations with other diamond mine owners, distributors, bulk suppliers, and retailers, we can come together to influence U. T. policy creators that the worth of this high-class item is sustained as a result of it’s recognized rarity in addition to order to get the precious stone industry to survive, this understanding needs to continue to be untarnished. The other players in the diamond industry, stated previously, benefit from this kind of perception as well, so it must be relatively simple to achieve their co-operation in this matter.

African Progress and Option Act

The current U. S i9000. foreign policy that attempts to support the reconstruction and redevelopment of Africa needs to be fully leveraged by Para Beers. The Clinton administration has agreed it’s devotion to The african continent by the pending African Progress and Opportunity Act. We should pledge our support of all U. T. policy toward U. T. ” Africa relations and offer our contribution to the Africaneconomy. Some of the countries in The african continent that are currently suffering from chaotic wars can greatly gain from their diamond assets if helped simply by De Beers.

They currently lack the information and technological skills necessary to mine gemstones effectively. With De Beers’ help, these types of African countries can begin to formulate their economic climate and support their human relationships with the U. S. To be able to leverage this kind of foreign plan, we need to get the help of U. S. ” African contact activists teams as well as active supporters and workers groups specialized in the rebuilding of The african continent to help us get each of our message around to U. S. policy makers. We have to convince the U. H. government that De Beers is a great force in the African economy and by enabling us the antitrust guidelines to be comfortable in the U. S., we could help to build a stronger marriage between Africa and the U. S.

Illicit Diamond Embargo

De Drinks needs to use the U. N. to put an retención on dubious diamonds from the war ripped fields of Angola and Sierra Leone. These expensive diamonds come from rebel controlled mines, and by allowing these expensive diamonds to enter industry, we are promoting the bloodshed involved in exploration these expensive diamonds. Therefore , we need to pledge the support to quit these illicit diamonds via merging with this diamonds in the industry. We will differentiate our personal legitimate Photography equipment diamonds from your illicit gemstones coming from the blood vessels stained digital rebel controlled puits. We may also pledge to the U. S i9000. and the U. N. not to purchase virtually any rough expensive diamonds from these types of rebel managed mines. This will likely be the important thing restriction all of us will consent to in our request to have the antitrust laws comfortable.


We have to continue each of our marketing work aimed at personalisation our diamonds. In addition to creating more reputation around each of our brand of diamond jewelry, we are likewise certifying which our diamonds do not come from the battle torn rebel controlled mines of Africa. By carrying on our branding effort, we will still increase the demand for the Sobre Beers expensive diamonds, which will help to decrease our stockpile, and in turn slowly and gradually increase our stock value, pleasing our

shareholders. In addition , it has been determined that with these promoting efforts, individuals are willing to pay reduced for a Para Beers gemstone, which will even more protect us from the possibility of decreasing prices in the future simply by increasing our profits.


We for De Beers are facing some challenging challenges and they are being forced to check out the way we all run each of our business. In looking at the methodology we have determined that the way we all run the business, plus the way the diamond market works, with the best interest of De Beers as a corporation, the gemstone industry in general, the Photography equipment economy, and consumers. As an Africa company, our paramount matter is to use the diamond industry to help the African overall economy begin to improve itself. We expect that simply by relaxing the U. S. antitrust laws and abiding by the limitations mentioned above, the United States can help all of us further improve the African economy while maintaining a powerful diamond market, which in turn, rewards the consumers in the United States simply by preserving the cost of their gemstone investments.

Exhibit 1


Items of high importance are designated with an upward arrow for good positive makes and a downward arrow for solid negative forces. These are the issues that have been focused on in this tonto. The additional items are important too, however solutions to these danger is out of the scope of this record.


Political forces doing work against Sobre Beers

U. S. Antitrust laws (1890 Sherman Take action and 1914 Clayton Act) ” Para Beers is full breach of these laws

Wars in Africa bringing about leakage of illicit diamonds from rebel controlled villages

Russia defections leading to seapage of dubious diamonds

End of racediskrimination in S. africa

Political Causes working for De Beers

U. S. foreign policy aiming to support the reconstructoin an development of The african continent

Pending Africa Growth and Opportunity Action

De Sodas has found it is out of reach of U. H. legislation although it does not conduct business directly together with the U. H. because it is a South Africa company


Economic forces working against De Drinks

Historical selling price of gemstones leveling away and needs to decrease

21% of stocks are placed by U. S. residents. These shareholds are beginning to place pressure in De Beers because although the value of the commodty we all sell is extremely high, the stock price is relatively low due to each of our stockpile

Economic forces employed by De Sodas

Prices had been kept standard on diamonds historically

Spike of over the 10% boost of gemstone sales predicted in U. S. industry, hitting $20 billion in 1999. This can be a confident force if De Beers can keep market share inside the U. T.


Social forces working against Sobre Beers

Unfavorable press by previous law suits where Para Beers averted being rehabilitated or satisfied.

Social forces working for De Beers

Irrespective of supply of diamond jewelry, consumer perception that the natural stone is uncommon persists, permitting the price of gemstones to be higher than supply could dictate

The marketing De Beers has become using to company diamonds have been successful. Relating to a review, consumers are offering a 15% premium for a De Sodas branded precious stone


Specialized forces functioning against Sobre Beers

The latest diamond market market structure is changing (i. electronic. diamonds happen to be coming from even more sources that solely Sobre Beers owner mined, as well as the demand in the U. S i9000. is increasing)

Technical makes working for Sobre Beers

Sole channel syndication system. This is the reason the precious stone industry has thrived within the last century, however this is one of the main aspects of the way we all run organization that is in violation of the U. S i9000. antitrust laws.

Exhibit two


Melts away, Jennifer T., Forever: Sobre Beers and U. T. Antitrust Legislation. Harvard Organization School Publication: 9-700-082. Harvard Business University, 2000.


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