Dark swan psychology review dissertation

The Black Swan is a psycho thriller film that narrates the demise of a small talented twenty-some year old ballerina named Nina Sayers. The story begins together with the main character Nina anticipating her lead role as the Swan Queen in the upcoming fresh production of Swan Lake. This new edition of Swan Lake while presented by artistic overseer, Thomas Leroy, tells the storyline of a virginal girl that is certainly trapped within the body of a White colored Swan. The White Swan desires to end up being free yet only real love can break her mean.


Soon as a good looking prince falls in love together with the delicate White-colored Swan and is also about to declare his take pleasure in for her, the White Swan’s lustful cal king (the Dark Swan) shop lifts the prince away. Emaciated, the White-colored Swan kills herself, in which in loss of life she finally finds liberty from her curse. When Nina efficiently obtains the role while the Swan Queen, she’s to represent both personas of the harmless and sensitive White Swan, as well as the dangerous and devious Black Swan.

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Needlessly to say Nina could easily get the essence of the White Swan simply because both share very similar personalities.

Nina is actually a well-structured dancer and is forever in control of every movement the girl makes, nevertheless her overall timid and fragile personality cannot gain the fact of the Black Swan. The Black Swan represents a looser and sensual composition of dance that turns into difficult to get Nina to embrace. With such aggravation in Nina’s inability to fully grasp both characters in one dance, Nina begins to have problems with delusions, hallucinations, and amongst other reasonless behaviors, all of which later plays a part in her diagnosis of the borderline personality disorder.

Nina’s unusual behavior turns into more constant as the date with the show’s hottest approaches. Her disorder develops more while she displays patterns of impulsivity with high levels of instability and anxiety. Termes conseillés personality disorder is known to show a pervasive pattern of unstable self-image that may after lead to a great erratic self-destructive behavior. Another symptom that is certainly known to be common with this disorder is having minimal to severe episodes of delusions, hallucinations, and/or selected dissociative results.

It is also noted that many people that suffer from termes conseillés personality disorder partake in self-mutilating actions or perhaps in more serious cases very much like Nina’s, commit suicide. In the DSM-IV-TR, there are a total of eight criteria pertaining to the borderline personality disorder, of which being characterized with this disorder you must illustrate five attributes. Nina Sayers demonstrated 6th criterions of course, if treated together with the behavioral psychotherapy, in time it would have saved her from her ultimate demise.

Behavioral therapy concentrates on changing observable behavior with the aid of learning theory-based principles. Considering that the development of these kinds of learning ideas, therapists have been completely able to control anxiousness type actions. In the case of Nina, where the girl with constantly scratching her glenohumeral joint under severe stress and partakes in impulsive actions by sleeping with multiple partners, behavioral therapy can easily model these pathological behaviors and highlight learning rather than point wrong doing on very little that may also cause even more distress.

Simply by decreasing the number of undesirable actions that Nina begins to demonstrate throughout the film, a behavioral therapist can use operant health to change foreseeable future behavior as a function of its previously experienced encouragement. For the purpose of this case study, Let me demonstrate that by using behavioral therapy Nina would have received control of her impulses and stopped her from damaging herself with the aid of operant fitness and even later on introduce her onto Dialectical Behavior Remedy.

As any therapy session should begin, Nina could first move through a behavioral assessment. Considering Nina’s self conscious and timid personality, a clinical interview would suit her more efficiently. It is important that Nina should think that the therapy period is a safe and sound environment where she can easily talk freely about any kind of concerns especially such deeply personal problems like hallucinations or delusions that come with the territory of these who suffer underneath borderline personality disorders.

This clinical interview should be executed unstructured in Nina’s case that will reinforce the relationship between therapist and patient. Keep in mind we want Nina to feel safe and comfortable to freely confine in her specialist of her most personal issues. Another important interview element would be the mental status examination that will make an effort to reveal virtually any signs of indications of any emotional problems. A simple observable habit of Nina would be her low and brief responses to any one she feels substandard to. Nina rarely will keep eye contact to whoever speaks to her immediately.

She may even reveal delusions, specifically about Lily, one more dancer inside the film, to whom Nina feels is out of stealing her function as the Swan Princess or queen. Nina may also share an experience of her night out with Lily wherever Nina partcipates in alcohol and drug abuse, as well as promiscuity. All of these observable actions may help cause the overall associated with borderline character disorder. When diagnosed Nina will then be capable to undergo the behavioral remedy process to spot her problems and handle them through reinforcements.

Behavioral therapy involves the idea of changing one’s visible behavior which can be controlled through stimulus or perhaps reinforcements. Nina portrays various insecurities and a lack of cultural skills that can be interpreted because of poor modeling by her mother. Her mother is very controlling and aggressive more than Nina, which is shown in a single specific landscape where Nina’s mother is definitely undressing her adult submissive daughter. One more case is definitely where Nina develops a social avoidance towards others, only to have got regular sociable interactions with her mom.

With no subsequent positive strengthening from other persons, other than probably her mom, Nina is now very worried about the intentions of those about her, which might explain so why she is frequently alone and has no good friends. A treatment procedure for Nina would are the operant health and fitness. By determining the unwanted behaviors (i. e., self-mutilating), we want to decrease in rate of recurrence and work with negative strengthening that will allow Nina to avoid a great aversive claim that would later decrease the likelihood of that undesired behavior.

We might first need to identify the reason to her self-mutilation and characteristic a particular patterns to carry on the negative encouragement. So as Nina’s anxiety begins to escalate and begins to a lot scratch her shoulder, Nina should practice certain inhaling exercises that may reduce her stress and perhaps even reduce her probability of experiencing a hallucination. Self-monitoring would assist to ensure that this kind of conditioning strategy is being applied and moving on.

More importantly, to successfully deal with this disorder it is best to use an approach that was developed for these difficult-to-treat people with the borderline personality disorder. This remedies are known as the dialectical behavior remedy that locations much emphasis on the discussion between affected person and therapist. Dialectical tendencies therapy uses individual therapy, group expertise training, phone contact, and therapist appointment to add even more variety in this particular unconditional marriage. Within this span of therapy, it can be organized into stages of hierarchies of targets in each stage.

Stage one focuses on taking once life behavior and therapy-interfering manners. Nina could reveal her underlying reason behind self-mutilation and delusions that interfere with her daily life. The girl finds their self having hallucinations of damaging herself, just like peeling skin off her finger, that later advances to other behaviors just like excessive scratch on the shoulder. The delusions against Lily, the other ballerina, interfere with her ability to conduct the second take action of the present because she’s on constant alert of what she believes Lily is going to try next to sabotage her lead function.

She would need to come to terms with her behavior and locate ways to eradicate them from acting away. Next, level two in the dialectical habit therapy works with post-traumatic anxiety disorders. Here we can credit the abusive stress Nina has to withstand with her mother. As her mom had to give up her individual dreams of learning to be a star ballerina due to her pregnancy, the lady now lives her incomplete dreams through Nina’s profession. Nina’s mother keeps Nina in a obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable child-like mindset; minimize her freedom without having lock gates and a child-like place despite the fact that Nina is previous twenty years old.

Such stress makes it tough for Nina to secure an emotional connection with another person, therefore explains why she is by itself most of the time. Others easily victimize Nina, for example Thomas the director, frequently abuses Nina sexually to arouse her to perform the Black Swan character more vividly for the display. In this level, Nina should learn fresh mechanisms which to deal or entirely bypass these types of situations. The last stage focuses on self-esteem and individual treatment goals. Nina will be able to work with her self-image that can business lead her to simply accept herself for who the lady really is.

Nina seems to have problems with not being able to the natural way satisfy her desires with no conflicting with her individual moral. In the case where the lady goes out with Lily to get the night, Nina is very fascinated with just how promiscuous Lily is with different men. Nina shows signs of sexual deprivation that later, on behavioral instinct, Nina engages in drug abuse that later brings about sexual relationships with multiple partners. With this stage of therapy, Nina will be able to increase her self-pride that is continuously brought down by her mother and production representative.

Nina can be shown submissive to the two characters through the entire beginning of the film, until this wounderful woman has a complete psychotic meltdown and begins to address impulse and hallucinations. While unfortunate because Nina’s death was in the end, it’s not hard to recognize there were many chances which is why intervention may have been wonderful aid before matters had gotten worse. Although it is common that people with termes conseillés personality disorder do not consider themselves ill-willed and seldom seek support, if Nina had, she’d have been able to decrease her undesired actions and had located more appropriate procedures of coping with her complications.

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