Teen drug use is on the rise in the 90s. But one of the most popular prescription drugs is marijuana beacause it is easy to get and usually cheap. Although there are many other kinds of drugs, you have got PCP, LSD, Hash, and many others that come from the same plant but all of them are hazardous on your body plus your health. Many people use the prescription drugs just to ignore everything, nevertheless they forget about the problems drugs can cause them. Weed is a big seller these days and it is a lot worse than it used to be peoples bodies are building ip immunitys to the drugs the the retailers have to put more things to help you get the high. Divorce is on the rise and kids feel its their wrong doing and they desire a way to flee from the soreness of generally there messed up lifestyle. Another reason is really because their close friends pressure them into using drugs the majority of marijuana users are 12-18. The THC in the cannabis makes you experiance the substantial but what actually make the THC grow is definitely when this resin comes out on for the leaves and stems. Grass is something which comes from marijuana it is made up of dried choped leaves, comes, and leaves. In 75 ounces of grass, ther are one to two ounces from the THC. Sinsemilla is lawn made of a plant which includes larger amounts of THC than grass. In 100 ounces of sinsemilla there regarding 6 oz . of THC. Hashish is made of dried plants, leaves and resin. In 100 ounces of hashish there are 8 to 16 ounces of THC. Hash oil is the plants plant. 100 ounces of hash oil you will discover 15 to 40 ounces of THC. Thses various kinds of marijuana could be mixed with each other for a many different high all kinds of marijuana will be smoked in a cigarette or pipe and often added to food. Most teen marijuana users think that it help them do music, foodstuff, and have better sex. They enjoy the several things that look do differ like art and appears seem even more intense. A number of the harmful associated with marijuana use can harm parts of the body. Like cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke cigarettes also consists of carbon monoxide, the stuff that inpears the oxygen carrying capability of the blood. It also contians high numbers of tar and also other ibadd chemical compounds than truly does cigarette smoke. These kinds of tars and chemicals as well damage more around the breeze pipe and throught. In addition, it though this doesnt apparently but it truly does increase the heart more than cigarette. I think the govt needs to do 2 things one is to enhance the abuse on the end user and sellers two find the ATF to take more control and put more cash into the ATF. And they have to get a better system than Deb. A. 3rd there’s r. E. they should start on young kids once their head is still starting to soak stuff they are even more open minded than the sixth graders or 8th graders. Mainly because if some of these kids are starting around 14 or doze they need to start off 7 or 8. Through this day and age more people are saying were simply a bunch of slackers and but they are still concerned about the taxes and wellbeing and all that stuff, if they should concentrate on the kids thus we can fix thses problems beacause they will sure arent doing it at this point. There are a ton of things that really must be done intended for our young adults but they try to take them categorical at once whenever they should really concentrate on one or two at a time then when they solve individuals they should move on to the next. Considering the drug work with going on through this contry and if its developing like the studies say we need to work on that before most America is just a bunch of burn up outs.

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