Critical book review of fast foodstuff nation

In this essay, an effort is made to critically review the book, “Fast Food Nation” which handles the process of breakthrough of take out culture in America leading to significant social adjustments. Analysis The meticulously investigated book “Fast Food Nation” is authored by the journalist Eric Schlosser. The author dedicates much focus on unhealthy take out, labor violations, and many instances of food poisoning. The author gives info regarding the procedure for emergence of fast food traditions in America; the health issues associated with fast food lifestyle, and the federal government regulations regarding the fast food.


In this book, the author displays the unsightly side of American food lifestyle. According to the creator of this publication Americans spend more upon fast food than on books, movies, etc . In 2001, Americans have got spent $110 billion about fast food. There are 43000 meatpacking workers. Fast food industry consumes $3 billion dollars to attract the young people towards the fast food centers. The author claims that every American consumes 3 hamburgers and four orders of French fries every week.

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He admits that that the social price of fast food offers neglected the regular American principles.

The make an effort of the publisher is to claim against the ingestion of junk food by the Americans. He received information through fieldwork and by interviewing distinct categories of employees involved in junk food production. Mcdougal argues the main reason for opening a lot of fast food centers was to appeal to large number of people to the take out culture. This can be a part of the capitalist plan since the take out centers have increased the main city of the owners of these centers. Due to this, few corporations include dominated the fast food business in America.

Mcdougal does not conceal his doubt regarding the critical principles in the capitalist program. He offers given info regarding the monetary strategies of the capitalists in popularizing the consumption of fast food among the American junior and other sections of American contemporary society. The book also provides information regarding the problems experienced by the teen-aged workers who were paid low wages. The writer mentions that one out of every ten worker in the us is employed in McDonald. McDonald’s hire nearly million people a year. However , they operate under dangerous working conditions.

It is mentioned that 3 companies expert 80 percent of US demand for frozen fries. The author visited the slaughterhouses and comprehended the health hazards the two to the staff and the customers. He mentions that each year one in three workers go to doctor due to problem with their stomach. The author gives the details that two thirds of take out workers happen to be under 20 and most of those work 12 hours shift. To show his discussion the author has used the cases, logos in the companies including MacDonald’s. The fast food tradition has few negative impacts on the health insurance and society of America.

For example, this has improved the problem of obesity. These restaurants make use of items such as potatoes and cattle to make the popular food. The use of products such as petrol and technique of production of meat has grown the problem of obesity in the usa. Obesity inside the recent years has emerged while the one of the extremely severe social and health issues among the American youth. Thus, fast food culture can be considered jointly factor bringing about this problem of obesity in the us. However , the author has neglected the part of buyer while talking about the growth of fast food culture.

The author highlights the need for federal government regulations to curb the liberty of multi national corporations in imposing their capitalist agenda around the people. The fast food typically produced and consumed by the younger era are not healthful. Regarding the health risks, the author identifies E. coli and salmonella infection. Mcdougal blames the politicians for carrying money via agri business capitalists, that has increased the amount of fast food restaurants throughout America. The author has urged readers that they will need to run away in the fast food to be able to maintain their health.

The very fact that take out culture is now popular signifies the emergence of significant changes in the American society. The fast food centers have on the one hand created health conditions, and, on the other, they have generated changes in the social values among the list of American youth. The author says that each day one-quarter of adult populace in America visit fast food centers. Although people are aware of the bad effects of the fast food, still fast foods have not shed their reputation. Thus, the author does not provide clear justification regarding the causes of the demand for these take out centers.

Nevertheless , the author, by using statistics, signs, and examples has prevailed in fighting against the monopoly of few companies in fast food organization. He provides demonstrated the negative effects of junk food on health insurance and society of America. Individuals who read this book would not give their children for the fast food centers. Conclusion The book “Fast Food Nation” has sure proved that fast food tradition has led to problem of weight problems and damaged the workers and health of consumers of take out. This as well demonstrates that the nature of changes that will emerge in the future American contemporary society.

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