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Apparent fact is that money is still one of the most essential things in our life. It helps us to outlive buying point which is necessary to our body: foodstuff, clothes and so forth Sometimes we earn big money and we have to save all of them somewhere, occasionally we need to make a purchase but all of us can’t afford it. What is the way away? It is credit card. The credit-based card has a large amount of advantages more than cash and vice versa. But what is it far better to have? What way is it better to spend and buy things? This article is going to provide advantages and disadvantages of both money and visa or mastercard.

As a result, we are able to answers these questions.

Cash or perhaps Credit?

Money and credit-based card don’t have a lot in common. That they both are used to pay for a lot of goods and services, they are really money but in different types of this. Money in funds is a amount of several which we have, and money on credit card isn’t just money that we have but likewise money that can be offered us by the company.

The differentiation of money and credit-based card should be based on the advantages and drawbacks that they have. This differentiation should be to show what it is better to make use of: cash or perhaps credit, taking into account the type of your life and different condition which we could have. One of the advantages using money is that a person always knows how much he or she spends. For instance, when a person features 50$ it means that there is not any opportunity to dedicate 51$. With a credit card an individual can pay for great or providers and later forget when cash have gone. Credit card allows spending more money than we have. Everybody loves “free money but every single credit must to be paid off, and the longer we wait the bigger amount of money we are to pay. Therefore , credit cards develop the debts which we sometimes aren’t handle (Evans & Schmalensce, 1999).

Whenever we pay for some thing and then need to turn it back, credit card aren’t allow a complete payment back again, there will be some charges. But since something is aid by cash, the full come back is possible. Credit card assists people not to carry a lot of cash useful checks. Therefore , credit card reduces the risks of losing money or be swindled. Also sometimes a person doesn’t understand when exactly he or she will need to make a purchase. So , credit card allows not going home or the bank and take specific sum of money to cover some goods or services. On the one hand, the credit card can even be stolen as cash. In addition, it can be taken as literally as by simply Internet. Therefore, a person ought to be really careful for not to be conned. If a credit-based card is stolen, its owner can figure out it simply after a lot of period of time.

Thins period permits thefts to consider all the funds from card, or some advice about the owner in the event they need that. On the other hand, the owners of credit card offer special type of insurance, therefore these people shouldn’t be so scared if their credit cards are stolen. Moreover, several types of companies include social prize programs for those who own charge cards, so a person might get 1-5% cash come back from money spent for some types of services of products, or spending money on bills by simply credit card in a few stores (Ausubel, 1991). The credit card allows a customer to borrow specific some of funds to pay for items. Obviously, there exists a limit involving which can be borrowed. At the end of your month, a buyer can pay almost all sums that have been borrowed or pay that partly. Also, today we all use Internet more than we did it previously. The mastercard enables us to spend your money by Net when it is needed, which we can’t perform using funds.

But here is one trouble: if we work with Internet retail store we aren’t always be certain the buy we purchased will be shipped and that will probably be in good condition. Whenever we use cash, we see the goods we purchase, we can contact it, smell it and so forth; we only see precisely what we want to purchase (Panurach, 1996). Moreover, if the person has its own problems, for example , life and death condition, credit cards could become a conserving ticket. When a person has a cancer, the therapy is too high-priced. The insurance companies don’t sum for bone narrow implant as it is known as experimental. But this situation cannot wait till the dispute will be resolved. If a person had a credit card which allows borrowing money which is needed, the person may stay surviving.

Even if after that operation a person turns into a bankrupt he/she can take portion in different software which helps people in such circumstance; and at least he/she continues to be alive. If, unfortunately, the operation won’t help plus the person drops dead, there is no need intended for relatives to worry about returning cash back. In addition , in the event that person travel and want to pay money for something, individual to change the currency. Having a credit card this problem disappears. A person does not have to search for a change boxes and may pay with a credit card, regardless of what currency is usually on it. And lastly, it should be realized that using credit card can help a person to generate a positive credit score. It is very important when ever applying for jobs, loans, and even rental. With a or even good credit history, an individual may ask for loan to by a car or maybe a house when a person aren’t afford to any it at the same time (Chakravorti, the year 2003 ).


It is clear that every kind of saving and spending money provides its advantages and disadvantages. Deciding what kind of it to choose, we must first of all understand what sort of life we now have. For example , if the person trips a lot it is advisable to save and spend money employing credit card. If a person chose to use credit card, it’s preferable to search for the best selection which provides the customers with insurance or any other benefits. It is smart to remember that credit card providers use different types of tricks and this is the reason why everyone should be careful employing credit card. A person-owner of a credit card should save every checks to verify later if earnings match with costs. As a result, we could state a well known fact that the decision of applying cash or using a visa or mastercard lies on people and only on people. Only we are able to make a decision kind of of repayment fits all of us more.


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