cow manure bug repellent fly fishing rod essay


This kind of investigatory task is cardiovascular fully focused on the afectacion victims who also suffered a whole lot because of mosquitoes. We want to lengthen our deeply concern to them through this Cow Manure:

Insect Repellent

On the other hand, we as well dedicate this kind of project whom abide and support us from the start right up until we done this investigatory project.


We would like to acknowledge the following persons and affiliations who gave contributions, motives, moral and financial support likewise this: Our households serve as each of our inspiration with this investigatory job. Mr. Rodolfo Cassanova Jr., our affected person and understanding instructor who encourage all of us to work harder for the betterment of the own investigatory project.



Mosquitoes exist everywhere. These are the main company of dengue and malaria which cause to death. Annually the rate of death caused by dengue and malaria always get higher. Some of the techniques for to prevent they are cleaning environmental surroundings and employing insect repellence that entirely wrecked the fatal security of insects.

Bug repellence is likewise harmful to us. It is made from chemicals which will bring to us in jeopardy. These kinds of chemicals impact the mosquitoes and our health. Therefore instead of good effects, the chemical repellence may take our health and wellness at risk. This is why we arrived up to a single purpose. This is why the specialist decides to generate cow muck as amosquito repellent. You will discover commercially available mosquitos repellent in the market. The frequently used commercial insect repellent inside the Philippines is fairly unaffordable and uses chemical substances that may trigger irritation. The researcher ideas to use all natural ingredients in the cow dung mosquito resilient in this analyze. Since the elements or supplies to be utilized are all-natural, the cow dung bug repellent is built to be inexpensive and easy for making and it is environment-safe.


This is certainly study should determine the potency of Cow Manure as Bug Rod, and sought to answer the following queries;

1 . Do cow manure effective since mosquito pole in terms of;

a. Duration

b. Texture

c. Environmentally friendly or Toxicity

2 . Is there a factor among the remedies in terms of;

a. Period

b. Texture

c. Eco-friendly or Degree of toxicity

3. Which among the treatments held in terms of;

a. Duration

b. Consistency

c. Eco-friendly or perhaps Toxicity


This study titled Cow Manure: Mosquito Fly fishing rod is beneficial to the following workers; a. Resident, the product on this study might be a help to avoid the widening situations of melindre, and utilized a bug rod that may be environmental friendly. b. Foreseeable future Researchers, this kind of study will serve as guide to for future researchers c. Government Official, the study will guide those to know the associated with Cow Manure in the production of insect rod.


The analysis Cow Manure; Mosquito Fly fishing rod was executed at Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College located in Quirino, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. The study seeks todetermine the effectiveness of Cow Manure as Mosquito rod when it comes to Duration, Structure and Degree of toxicity.

Friedman Check will be the statistical tool used to determine the significant of each treatment. And Some Prick evaluation will also use for determine the duration and texture in the treatments


MOSQUITO- a slender long-legged fly with aquatic larvae. The mouthful of the bloodsucking female can easily transmit several serious diseases including wechselfieber and encephalitis. ROD- a thin straight pub.

REPELLENT-a substance that dissuades particular pests or various other pests from approaching or settling LEMON GRASS-a great smelling tropical turf that brings an olive oil that aromas lemon. It truly is widely used in Asian food preparation and in perfumery and treatments. MALARIA-an sporadic and remittent fever the effect of a protozoan parasite that invades the red blood. The parasite is sent by insects in many warm and subtropical regions.

DENGUE-a debilitating virus-like disease with the tropics, transmitted by insects, and creating sudden fever and severe pains inside the joints. ORGANIC- natural subject or ingredients with a carbon base, and in addition refers to meals and various meats grown or raised devoid of chemicals or pesticides. COW DUNG- the undigested remains of grow matter which includes passed through the animal’s belly. CHEMICALS- a substance obtained by a chemical process or producing a substance effect INSENCE- a substance that is burnt for the sweet smell it creates.



The Organic Insect Rod is a mosquito withstanding incense. It is usually shaped get out of hand but to help to make it much easier we managed to get a pole. The fishing rod is usually a held at the bottom tip of the rod, suspending that in the air. Burning up usually starts at the hint of the fly fishing rod and advances slowly towards the bottom fly fishing rod, producing a insect repellent smoking. Typical insect incense can easily measure 12-15 cm. in diameter and can last up to 2 hours or more with respect to the wind present while the pole can be tested 10-12 centimeter. long and may last up to an hour or so and twenty minutes when burn in the tip in the rod. Citrus grass (Cybopogoncitrates) is a perennial herb widespread in Oriental cuisine. It is commonly used to get teas, soups and curries. In the Thailand lemon turf is called “tanglad commonly used to savour Filipino delicacies.

Within a study Evaluation of Plant based Essential oil against Mosquitoes by Department of Plant Creation Technology and Faculty of Gardening Technology in Bangkok Asia affirmed that lemon lawn indeed contains organic repellents against mosquitoes. In a clinical experiment, volunteers were directed to apply oil extracts coming from different target crops which include lemon lawn on one with their arms, while the other was untreated (control). Both hands were inserted in a cage that contain 250 nulliparous female insects ageing 5-7 day older. Mosquitoes were observed in terms movements and behaviours. Effects showed that oil ingredients from ” lemon ” grass, peppermint, eucalyptus, citronella, and cloves were successful to get rid of both afectacion and wechselfieber mosquitoes.

Yet , the resilient effects of these oil ingredients do not stay longer compare to artificial chemicals, hence, further examine to improve their formulation and efficacy is needed. Another analyze on “The Effectiveness of Lemon Lawn as a All-natural Mosquito Repellent by the University of El monte (USC), comparing the repellent efficacy of lemon lawn extract towards the DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) structured repellents or the leading industrial brands intended for insect repellents has found that lemon grass extract could be used instead of chemical insect repellent.




Dried out Cow dung

Applied papers


Dried lemongrass


Mortar and Pestle


Consequence and Discussion

Organic Rod

Once we burned the rod, a few moments the mosquitoes was no for a longer time flying about the room

Burned for you hr (45 inch in diameter)

Following an hour of continuous contact with its smoke cigarettes, neither fatigue nor coughing was experienced Tiger Insect Coil

Once we burned the coil, a few moments the mosquitoes was no for a longer time flying about the room

Burned for you hr and 30 mins (45 ” in diameter) Following an hour of continuous contact with its smoke cigars, dizziness and coughing was experienced

Bottom line

“Prevention surpasses cure that statement potential clients us to propose this kind of project. Cow’s Manure Insect Rod will help us to stop from using a disease with no harmful result that usually we have from chemical substance insecticides. In line with the research, cow manure is an effective insect repellant so all of us actually want to improve it. Through different experimentations, we have proven that cow manure is an efficient organic insecticide. We increased it by adding dried lemon grass helping to make the product more beneficial. Lemon lawn adds perfume which is not irritable to the nostril. Cow’s manure mosquito fishing rod with dried out lemon grass shows performance that it truly repel the mosquitos


Using bug repellant is one way to prevent disorders caused by insects. But we all cannot deny that there is a period that we are lack of funds for our daily needs. Therefore we advise our investigatory product as an alternative. The good thing is, it is an organic mosquito repellant produced from cow muck together with paper and citrus grass to include scent on it. We currently tried that and we know that it is a highly effective protection from mosquitoes. It is easy to do and it assists us to save cash for crucial uses. We must ensure each of our safety especially nowadays that diseases continue to spread just about everywhere.

Cow manure might look disgusting although we must give a try in using thisorganic mosquito repellant. So all of us recommend that to you then you certainly give your conclusion after utilizing it.

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