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Emancipation Proclamation, Westward Expansion, Gettysburg Address, Manifest Destiny


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Slavery was one, although not the only, cause of the Municipal War. Actually the institution of slavery represents a mixture of social, politics, and economical forces by play through the United States. For just one, Westward enlargement and the principle of Show Destiny gave rise to the important concern of whether to permit slavery in new territories or to keep the question of slavery up to the residents in the new terrain or condition. The Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, the Dred Jeff Supreme Courtroom decision, the formation of the new Republican party and the selection of Lincoln subsequently, the Nat Turner rebellion, the introduction of Granddad Tom’s Log cabin into popular culture, and particularly Westward growth were being among the most important situations that led up to the break out of the Civil War.

The Compromise of 1850 was disastrous for the reason that it completed nothing to promote human rights and municipal liberties. California was accepted to the union as a free of charge state. In return, other new lands obtained in the Mexican War acquired no restrictions on if slavery was or was not permitted. The slave operate was being phased out, but the practice slavery by itself was conserved in the Area of Columbia. The meandering slave regulations were improved too. Thus disastrous was your Compromise of 1850 that northerners did not take the Meandering Slave Rules seriously and did not enforce it. One more disastrous item of legislation that preceded the Civil Warfare, and helped spark that, was the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The Act overturned the Missouri Compromise and divided Kansas and Missouri into two states: 1 slave and one cost-free. As Brinkley states, “No other part of legislation in American background produced so many immediate, capturing, and ominous political outcomes, ” (327). Significant about the build-up for the Civil conflict, the Kansas-Nebraska Act caused the creation of the new Republican Party. Also, the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to the “bleeding Kansas” episode where abolitionist and pro-enslavement advocates battled in pre-Civil War skirmishes.

The Nat Turner Rebellion plus the popularity of Uncle Tom’s Log cabin represented the darker sides of captivity and marketed the national politics of freedom. However , simply no other celebration in American history illustrates so well just how racism features permeated American politics because the Dred Scott sixth is v. Sanford decision. The Substantial Court had taken a strong hurtful stance that bolstered the pro-slavery cause immediately prior to the Civil Warfare. Clearly, area was divided. On the one hand, decisions like Dred Scott confirmed that hurtful Americans served in positions of electricity at the government level and may forever effects the quality of the. On the other hand, abolitionists saw the necessity for a swift end to slavery to be able to preserve the Constitutional legal rights and values upon which the nation was founded. The southerners could not foresee a method to have an affordable economy with no free and forced labor; the northerners would.

Even Democrats were divided, leading to the eventual political election of the Republican candidate intended for President in 1860. Lincoln subsequently, who was “not an abolitionist” but who also also assumed that “slavery was morally wrong” steered the United States within a direction unlike what most Southern white wines wanted (Brinkley 332). Following Lincoln was elected, the Southern states viewed the us government as being illegitimate and made a decision one by one to cede in the union. Right after between slave-owning and free of charge states were

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