contagion movie essay


In the movie called “Contagion”, a strange virus is affecting the U. S i9000. population. There are cases of death among scientists who also try to discover the origin from the acute ailment that is growing rapidly through population. In their studies it can be believed the cause was an harm rate. The virus likely spread individually for each person, and the individual that contracted that transferred it to another person. These brought on were carried out through descriptive and observational studies. This virus distributed and they will need to act immediately to prevent even more deaths.

This kind of strange disease is frightening the lives of many Us citizens. It begins with rare symptoms like dizziness, cough, fever, plus the worst portion is that this computer virus is infectious. This means that a person who has contact with the patient or any object that is certainly touched by disease may well quickly have it. The malware spreads speedily throughout the body and in concerns of weeks the patient becomes unconscious and dies.

Scientists are starting to conduct research to look for what induced this malware.

They collect statistics of mortality and discovered that individuals who have died similar deaths had been in the same place. That place might be where that they acquired the virus. In line with the scientist, these folks were in Hong Kong in a meeting and obtained the virus that they can later utilized in others. This research was described in a study, nevertheless they had to check out more because of lack of learning where, who have, and how the virus was transmitted. To be able to establish how it originated, trial and error studies were conducted. That they studied the bodies from the dead and took selections to see just how dangerous this virus was and how that they could harm to prevent additional deaths. In the meantime, the disease was being transmitted and had destroyed much of the human population.

The community started behaving in mad, because they wanted to conserve themselves and did not have any vaccines to help. They will created a cure for the virus nevertheless the new difficulty was that you will find only a few doses available and people started to guard them. The only advise directed at the public was to not have connection with other people and avoid all places that there are crowds of people. The number of patients quickly reduced and circumstances like smallpox and other illnesses reduced due to drug that may attack the virus from the start.

Contagion right from the start is a very puzzling movie. Because of the spike inside the numbers of fatalities, they know there is a problem that is greatly affecting the citizenry. No one is aware, however , for certain what is leading to it. Not necessarily until the end of the video when you understand the computer virus began having a bat which will infected plums. Those plums were eaten by a pig and the chicken was in that case contaminated. The pig was taken to a restaurant pertaining to food to become prepared as well as the chef sent the disease to another person through greetings. This was the foundation of the hazardous virus. Prophylaxie is an appealing movie because at first it was not clear what kind of disease was affecting the people.


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