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Opinion Supporting the Government’s Utilization of Special Nets

There is a superb concern intended for the decreasing in numbers species in the environment as a result there is a dependence on their security. The activities including poaching, unregulated fishing, and deforestation help the extinction of some kinds (McDonald ainsi que al. 2016). Notably, there exists a need to review the human manners in the environment to protect the animal species that are in the risk of the extinctions.

As found from the case, the U. S. ‘ government considered it appropriate to protect the surroundings including the pets facing the hazards of the disparitions. It is clear that there is a rise in the case of transact on the hippo ivory and the other family pets such as the shrimps and the turtles (Wojakowski ou al. 2015). Therefore , the federal government is looking to explore the different problems facing the endangered species and locate a answer to address the situation. For this reason, the federal government and the bodies concerned with the planet consider the usage of special nets in doing some fishing as a conservation measure towards the aquatic pets.

The decision for the use of the exceptional nets is prompted by the rising concern about the possibility of depleting decreasing in numbers species when ever ordinary netting are used. The regular nets don’t have a standard nylon uppers thus usually catch the aquatic pets of different sizes (Jensen, Rozenber 2012). The choice to present the unique nets support studies from the marine expert regarding the harm caused by the substandard Nets. For example , regular nets do not spare the small shrimps plus the turtles because the sizes with the meshes are not standard. The capturing of the larger human population of the small animals increases the chances of the extinctions with the endangered species. The idea of annihilation comes because the small aquatic animals captured will cause a discontinuation from the species.

The special nets has diverse implications to the aquatic existence. Notably, the special netting are designed with the normal meshes that catch particular sizes from the aquatic family pets. Notably, the designers understand the important from the small marine in the continuity of the species. For example , the normal nets will not spare the sizes with the animals being caught through the waters irrespective of their convenience (Bennett ou al. 2014). The replacement of the ordinary netting with the

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