comparitive composition of poems


Your woman prefers it this way as she feels that identity is not related to nationality, religion or male or female. Instead you should do with beliefs and states of mind. Amanita wrote the poem The Blessing to focus on the importance of water in parts of the world as well as represent the poverty that grips this kind of countries. It can be written to teach us that we should not have things with no consideration, we should enjoy all things anytime. (Help with English 2013) Monica Alva was interestingly also born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1954 and came to England when she was a several months old.

Her reasons for publishing Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan were to reflect on her emotions during her teenage years, concerning the ethnical divide between England and Pakistan. It can be here that people see the first comparison, not with the poem alone but with the individual feelings of each poet with regards to how they addressed the ethnic differences. This contrast relates to the designs of each poem. Themes and Form The Blessing is about your survival. It is focused on highlighting concerns related to countries in lower income.

We see a clear message, there is a huge contrast between the Western world plus the lives of men and women in the Diehard slum. The way in which it is decide on the webpage is clear and, making it clear and understandable. I have previously discussed how a stanzas may well cleverly symbolize flowing drinking water in my analysis. Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan is more worried about emotional feelings such as a search for a sense of belonging. It is far from a lifestyle or fatality issue, but merely a teenagers struggle to cope with the inner issues faced although growing in a Pakistaner household in Britain.

With this poem we see the stanzas organized very in a different way. They shortage uniformity many dance all over the page. This might be to meaning the misunderstandings and lack of belonging the poet seems. With both poems careful preparing appears to have been used to portray the message not only with the vocabulary but as well the framework. Content We see a variety of clashes in the two poems. The blessing can be serious, faith based, and concerned with demonstrating low income. Presents via my Aunts in Pakistan is beautiful and reflective as well as weighty and profound.

Both poetry contain referrals to Delight, prejudices, Racial and ethnical issues and emotion. They are devised to inform and teach the reader in cultural distinctions. Language Equally poems help to make excellent use of the language available. The language inside the Blessing can be clever and visual much like Presents coming from my Aunts in Pakistan. The two also use descriptive dialect and lots of images, both utilize current terminology. Tone There are very different colors in these two poems. The blessing starts heavy and serious. It is written in this way to take your hands on the reader and open up their very own mind.

The tone changes in the third to next stanza to reflect the enjoyment ND joy that water brings. It truly is thankful and happy before the end in the last stanza, when it alterations again to serious more than their little bones showcasing the lower income, reminding the reader what the designed message is usually. Despite the natural beauty of the dialect. Presents by my aunts in Pakistan, actually includes a lost, distraught, heavy, split and combined tone which in turn ideally shows the poets feelings. It is extremely effective at educating the reader from the issues the girl faces.

The imagery Inside the Blessing we see a variety of visible techniques to employ the reader and notionally connect them with this is of the composition. I have offered examples of such imagery in my analysis. Reveals from my own Aunts focuses on mainly an example of a imagery, aesthetic. However equally poems are able to draw you in, even though reading you can sense the dryness in the blessing and feel the Joy and excitement as the municipal water line bursts. Evenly effective is usually Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan, in the opening line you are able to almost visualize the beautiful peacock blue salsas kamikaze and sense Ammonias embarrassment when she will try on her outfit.

This reveals hat you can utilize many or few types of image technique but as long as they are used in the right way with the right utilization of language they can be effective. Usage of Rhythm and Rhyme There is very little utilization of rhyme in either of the poems. The Blessing uses it when ground and located. I believe that was to offer momentum for the rhythm of stanza three. As this stanza could be interpreted since fast flowing gushes of water. Presents from my aunts in Pakistan uses no vocally mimic eachother instead that relies on the structure from the stanzas and length of the phrases to create tempo.

The rhythm is quite slower and refractive like ideas on a page. Graceful Devices The blessing makes clever utilization of similes Splits like a pod to engage you, from the 1st line. This kind of powerful utilization of language and poetic gadgets continue right through the composition we see alliteration polished to perfection Assonance small dash Onomatopoeia splits splash Representation liquid sunshine blessing sings Allusion in biblical type voice of any kindly the almighty Enjambment frenzied hands Meaning voice of the kindly the almighty rush of fortune metallic crashes and finally adaptor Roar of tongues.

Presents via my Aunts in Pakistan uses far less poetic devices it relies mainly in similes Glistening like an lemon split available and some Unnecessary repetition Satin Silken costume clung as well as onomatopoeia snapped and personification throbbing through newspaper. However despite this contrast equally poems have the ability to equally participate the reader and make an mental connection. Whilst reading the Blessing you will definitely be sketched into the circumstance. It is incredibly powerful.

Although reading you almost become a part of the words and phrases, you feel a deadness at the start, followed by Happiness as that third stanza leaps into life for the page, and sadness again when it nears the end plus the water is fully gone. All of this feelings and feeling is created by the devices and brilliant vocabulary. It is hard to believe that dialect can have such evoking effects. Gives from my own Aunts in Pakistan is additionally successful by creating this sort of a reaction. In spite of the differences in devices and images. This composition relies on its wonderful utilization of color and descriptive terminology to excite the readers thoughts.

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