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Des Miserables can be described as story of redemption, forgiveness, charity, solution and meaning obligation. The main character, Blue jean Valjean, makes its way into the book as a thief, having put in nineteen years in jail. He is given this second possibility by M. Myriel, a prominent bishop, who offers Jean Valjean food and lodging, through doing so this individual paves just how for Jean Valjean to have a life of economical prosperity and renewed religious faith. Blue jean Valjean creates as Meters. Madeleine in this pure and natural existence but soon comes across a dilemma. Jean Valjean has to choose to stay in paradise and there be a demon! in order to reenter in hell and there become an angel (p. 84)! Through this conflict, Hugo proposes two kinds of your life: the life of the comfortable, wealthy man with few meaning obligations as well as the life of any struggling, but ultimately desired convict. Through this conflict, Hugo conveys Jean Valjeans inner hardship and his best choice to trade materials comfort intended for moral comfortableness selfishness intended for selflessness.

In this paradise that Jean Valjean lives in, he assumes the part of Meters. Madeleine, a booming mayor, who have brings prosperity to the whole region of which he governs. He is extremely generous to the poor, includes a good conscience, and seems always to be calm. Eventually Fauchelevent, a vintage man, is catagorized under his cart and it is unable to receive out. M. Madeleine will go under the basket and hazards his lifestyle for this old fart. M. Madeleine also saves Fantine coming from time in imprisonment. Javert content her for defending himself from somebody who taunts her because of her looks.

Despite many of these acts of goodness, Jean Valjean has been doing little to reconcile the actual moral and legal problems in his existence, and they ultimately begin to reappear. The actions he does are faithful to his i implore you to nature, nevertheless they almost likewise seem like repayment to the globe for the ills that he has been doing. The problem is that, according to societys regulations, the only way to right his wrong is by allowing himself to be reprimanded and treated as a lawbreaker. Worse yet, he has become a satan by turning into part of the world he denounced years just before. He says early on in the book, Whether it were not crazy that society should deal with with this kind of rigid accuracy those of the members who had been most terribly endowed inside the distribution of wealth that chance experienced made, and who were therefore , most worth indulgence. All those questions asked and made a decision, he condemned society and sentenced it (21). He denounces the upper class, that have taken benefit of those previously in dreadful situations, yet years later on, he is becoming what this individual sentenced to his hate.

The disparity between image this individual portrays fantastic reality triggers great discord within him and prospects him to reassess his choices. The moment at which Blue jean Valjeans globe becomes a hell is precisely the moment by which it becomes solution for Javert, Javert just visited this minute in paradise,… (113) Hugo writes, since the inspector feels that he has triumphed more than evil. Because Javert becomes a devil in heaven, Jean Valjean turns into an angel in hell.

The earth that Jean Valjean comes forth into is a far weep from the comfy existence since M. Madeleine. However , regardless of the tragedy that surrounds him, this options are a better 1 for Blue jean Valjean, and he is able to correct the real errors in his lifestyle. After keeping Champmathieu, the first deed he does is to save Cosette in the Thenardiers, and in return, the deed gives him with something this individual has not noted before: like. The information of Cosette as he initially finds her is terrible, the Thendardiers have practically killed her. However , Jean Valjean presents to take her away and acts as a great angel to get a second period, this time in a place that seems like terrible. In fact , he can described as being from heaven. As devils and genni recognize by simply certain signs, the presence of a superior God, Thenardier comprehended that he was to cope with one who was very highly effective (155). Furthermore, when Cosette is with him, she sensed somewhat as if she were near God (157). Also his stay in the convent suggests that he has found Our god or spiritual techniques in a way that he never would have as Meters. Madeline.

His great deeds continue as the specific situation in Paris becomes even more like heck. In a short scene in the beginning of his section, Blue jean Valjean gives up his standard so that a soldier, who will be a complete new person to him, can live. In fact , the uniform can be described as dropping from paradise (414), which in turn seems to directly support the of Blue jean Valjean as an angel. When one soldier requires who this kind of man is, the response is, He’s a man who saves other folks (414). Furthermore, there is no cause that Jean Valjean should certainly help Enjorolas other than because an unselfish sacrifice. Now, the changeover from a devil in heaven to an angel in hell appears very evident. Years before, he had recently been a gran, wealthy and powerful, surviving in luxury. Now he offers put him self into a regarding turmoil, threat, and filth. He now is an angel, running around a sewer, planning to help other folks.

Yet , his truly angelic functions are still to come. The 2 choices he makes in saving Marius and Javert are plainly difficult for him to create, and in the end, both males could the two mean his future downfall. First, this individual chooses to let Javert use an take action that is so virtuous that this causes the evil Javert to get rid of himself. This individual confronts his past when he gives Javert his bogus name and address just in case Javert decides to go after him. Shortly afterwards, he makes the decision to save Marius, even when it means that he can lose Cosette, his appreciate, to him. His previous act is to reveal his identity to people around him, an action which could eliminate him. In the end, though, his good deeds have outweighed his past, and he’s treated simply by Marius as being a hero. Actually he says, Cosette, that gentleman is an angel! (515). He leaves this world together with his daughter happy and articles, the sacrifice of an angel. When he drops dead, he is met by one other angel, welcoming him to heaven with outstretched wings, awaiting the soul (520).

When Jean Valjean decides whether to remain in paradise and there be a demon! or to reenter in to hell and there turn into an angel! (p. 84), he describes his complete existence as well as the major concept of the the publication. He feels that he could be only selecting to save 1 man mistakenly accused of his criminal activity. However , his choice potential clients him to numerous chances for redemption. Simply by saving Cosette and getting love, he becomes a great angel who will be willing to conserve others actually at his own charge. He will save you Marius and Javert even though their fatalities would have meant comfort for him. He chooses to reveal his identification even when it indicates he will reduce what he loves. Yet all these things are better than the life he would include led, hidden, and without take pleasure in, if he had stayed in heaven.

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