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Community Service is service/work that a person may carry out for the advantage of his or her group. In most cases this is work done nearby the area you reside or rather the city near you.

This services is given to the less fortunate in the society. It may well include children, old people sick persons in hostipal wards and people living with disabilities. Community service is non-reflex and people object rendering this service may not acquire any settlement for their support.

Instances of community support include instructing school children in a school, taking good care of old persons in their homes, assisting in a children’s house to take care of your children, raising cash to do an income generating job for the community among others.

Benefits of Community Service

Community service has several benefits the two for the person performing the service also to those receiving the service.

For an individual one may get new skills for example a person working with people with disability, specifically the deaf, you learn the signs the use to communicate.

It also will help somebody to understand and be pleased of the particular have. Community service helps you see that some people survive without basic requires and hence this kind of changes the perspective toward life. It is helps you to end up being thankful of what you have got.

Community service could help create occupations for different. After volunteering in certain discipline someone might gain beneficial skills that he or she may use like a career alternative.

In addition, it helps a person acquire social expertise. This happens a person interacts with additional members with the society.

To the community it helps in a number of ways

It may well help a residential area or a population group to be self-sustainable through income generating assignments that may be done by volunteers.

Community service may create jobs to get the unlucky in the society.

Community service projects help give basic must the less fortunate in the world

It helps to develop understanding and harmony between people in a society

Short history of the St Ann’s

St . Anne’s Children’s house and therapy center made its debut in 2002. The primary aim was going to provide care and support to orphans, needy and vulnerable children by providing top quality livelihood. Situated in Dandora Stage II, Councilor Opondo street, Nairobi, Kenya, the center is definitely run and managed simply by Anna Khasoa. The main goal is to present quality sustenance and education to orphans and weak children.

The job was carried out at Saint Ann’s Kid’s home as well as the objectives from the project was as follows:

To provide St . Anne’s Children’s residence with establishments that will grow their livelihood and help them obtain their educational goal.

To help them integrate into the contemporary society by instructing the students how you can relate to in the society.

To cultivate self assurance, self-respect sense of self-worth by teaching values of life.

Develop all their talents and skills in a variety of fields of influence along with impart these new capacities.

Improve sanitation of the environment they will live in and study to create learning more desirable.

Jobs Scope

The project included raising money to purchase items which were urgently needed by the children for St Ann’s. The children lack adequate literature to enable find out hence textbooks were supplied. They also urgently require bed linen mattresses and blankets. The ones they had had been too old and not even enough several children needed to share. We also presented sanitary bath towels for the girls. We offered enough to last them for one 12 months.

Effect of the task on culture

The contemporary society specifically St Ann’s children’s home benefited from this project. From the things we given the children can now sleep in comfortably. Additionally they benefited through the blankets and bed sheets which supports them during the cold season. By spending some time with the kids and relating with these people it delivers a feeling of cohesion and togetherness it helps these people feel not really left out or forgotten. This gives them wish that they are not by yourself in their challenges. It also helps build associations of a friendly relationship and trust between persons of different skills.

Interpersonal Learning Knowledge


From the time I spent interacting with the children I developed skills such as crew work, conditional thinking, and problem solving. The kids at Street Ann’s do lot of team-work. They did their duties which includes washing in groups. Additionally they played in groups. Interacting with the children at St Ann’s helped to boost my self-confidence and considerably improve my personal public speaking skills. During the sessions I was tasked with conversing with the children and giving them direction and tips. I was likewise able to learn a few basketball moves from their store as we played with them during one my own visits.

Time administration

I was capable of learn how important time management is especially the moment one require get attractive results. Your children follow a tight time stand to do their very own daily tasks and this helped me to learn that in such a setting time administration is very important. It can help a person to become prepared and self-disciplined.

Getting together with many kids

I have hardly ever interacted with children, which means this was a ideal opportunity to figure out how to interact with kids and how to bring up with these people. At first it was a bit of a concern to connect to them in the end, I actually managed. I had been able to find out quite a lot from like the songs and game titles they like. This was a fantastic experience personally. Giving back to the city.

Via my community service by St Ann’s I learned the importance of helping individuals in require. It also improved my perspective on volunteering. It has presented me a sense of interpersonal responsibility. I also learned that community service probably should not just be about giving cash but as well your time. This helps you to associate with the person and learn from. It gives you a better understanding of what they may be going through.

SWOT Evaluation

Like any other organization you will discover Strengths Weak point Opportunities and Threats. Here i will discuss the SWOT analysis of St Ann’s


1) Team function

This is the put together effort of the children as well as their treatment givers. The business embraces staff work. They are doing everything in groups. The elder kids lead the other kids in carrying out various jobs that have been given to them. Some of these duties include cleaning the dormitories and sessions. They also aid in cooking with supervision using their cook who is a you are not selected

2) Presence of lot

They have around 5 miles on a different location that they may use to generate more classrooms for your children or even start off an income generating project to help sustain these people

3) Dedicated staff and care givers

They have patient and committed staff. They are really loyal and committed to ensure that the children in whatever way they can. The consider the children as their personal children This really is a power to the organization since many of them work presently there on a voluntary basis.

4) Sponsorship from other companies and well wishers

About several events well-wishers play and add whatever they need to the organization. This goes a long way in helping them with their daily will need. Some organizations like churches also help them.


1) Lack of income generating job

They seriously rely on the donors and well-wishers for survival. This is a big weak point since if they happen to have such a project they would be capable of geting money intended for food which can be one of the major difficulties they face.

2) Lack of Enough space

The home is finished crowded as well as the children at times have to discuss beds and bedding some are forced to sleep on bedding on the floor because of lack of bed frames. There is also not any play earth for the youngsters nearby. They are limited for the games they can play. They must walk a distance to enable them to get a good play ground. The washrooms in your own home are not in good condition and this is actually a health risk to the children. They may agreement infections as a result of lack of care.

3) Lack of enough resources

The home is forced to grab water through illegal water line connection simply because they cannot afford water bill which is very high.


1) Foreign contributor

They have a internet site. This could help them get more donors especially international donors. They likewise have a campaign on M-Changa that they could use to acquire funding

2) Room pertaining to expansion

The proprietor has a lot that could be accustomed to expand the home and build more rooms and facilities pertaining to the children

3) Talented Kids

Most of the children have important talents that maybe used to improve their lives. These include performing, playing football, dancing and drawing. The youngsters are also desperate to learn the euphoric pleasures especially when they will meet new people.


When the children lack bedding they may feel cool during the night and in addition they may become sick. They may also get infections considering that the washrooms are certainly not clean a lot of the times. When the children are going to the play earth they get across a very busy road which can be dangerous to them. They rely upon donations coming from well-wishers. This is certainly a serious danger since it can be not a make sure they well get donations to previous them a very long time.

One of the main problems St . Anne’s Little one’s home acquired is nourishing the children every single day. Food has become expensive each day and the burden falls prove care givers to provide meals for them. The solely depend on the little the director/founder might provide and sometimes donations. Yet , they have possibly starting a small project that could help them earn cash hence they are able to get money for his or her daily food.

My spouse and i also saw they have extremely talented kids who can sing and play football. They care givers and the offer teachers should help these kinds of children foster and increase their skills. This will help the kids to be self-sustainable in future by using their abilities.

St Ann’s Children’s Home is usually helping a whole lot of children in the community. They should on the other hand try and come up with projects that belongs to them that could help them generate funds. They should not solely rely upon donors. I learnt a whole lot from my community services at St Ann’s Kids Home. It was a good knowledge for me and it helped me appreciate the things i have. I could see the importance of interacting with less fortunate members from the society. I actually also discovered how to connect to children of numerous ages. This is something you might not learn at school and it is a critical skill.

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