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In the initial scenario, the preceptor ought to be warned that their actions will not be tolerated in the future. This will likely occur by providing them with a written statement notifying them of the trouble and requesting them to accurate it. In the event nothing adjustments, they should be taken off their position and instantly be replaced by someone who can more effectively collection a better example for everyone to adhere to. This will hold them to higher common of responsibility and let all of them know that this type of behavior is unacceptable. (Myrick, 2005) (Young, 2007)

Create a cover addressing the preceptor’s specific educational requirements in the second scenario.

Any strategy for coping with the preceptor’s educational demands (in the 2nd scenario) is always to offer them with a kind of college tuition assistance and scheduling that is flexible. Below this plan, they shall be able to go to school in time that may be convenient to them. At the same time, they might be provided with on-the-job training through working with knowledgeable preceptors. This will likely ensure that these individuals can keep their fulltime employment and can have the versatility to adjust with critical issues they are facing. (Myrick, 2005) (Young, 2007)

Clearly, preceptors have a responsibility pertaining to ensuring that they are following different guidelines and maintaining standards that are supporting of various stakeholders. This requires establishing policies that will allow them to to create a setting which is helpful for everyone. When this happens, they can have got a positive effects in bettering quality and understanding the changes that are occurring. This is the point they will help to make a positive contribution to a health care facility.


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