Christianity and Islam Essay


Throughout history, belief systems have acquired political and social effects on followers.

The belief systems of Christianity and Islam have had both positive and negative changes to their societies that they started and traveled to. They had a direct impact on their enthusiasts, spread the idea throughout specific nations/regions, and finally impacted their very own followers in both confident and unfavorable ways. Christianity and Islam changed just how people lived their lives and carried out every day points. Christianity and Islam had a huge impact on their followers because their beliefs manufactured them live their hails from a specific approach.

For example , in Document 1, Pope Downtown II asked the Christian believers to rebel against the Turks and Middle easterns due to the problems that they had been doing. This kind of impacted the Christians socially because they no longer did what the Middle easterns and Turks had asked them to do, they converted against these people. Islam a new political impact on the people who used because the Shah’s policy’s isolated the Islamic clergy mentioned previously in File 6 and they had an impact socially because there was a creation of Relatives Protection Work which in turn better the women’s rights. These types of changes and decisions helped shape and mold the newly identified religions to become what they are today, politically and socially.

Christianity spread through traveling and trading. In document 2a and 2b, it reveals how the crusades, the time in which Christians and Muslims were fighting over the holy area, changed the lives of the Europeans simply by traveling and migrating. These types of moves bring about meeting new people and trading spices in new different cities. Islam, in turn, distributed through journeying and operate as well. In document 7, it shows how they had been spreading through North Africa and the Central East.

That they advanced farther than they can have believed they would and made their religious beliefs known worldwide. There are both unfavorable and confident impacts why these religions got on their followers. Christianity a new negative effect because the Indians were obtaining beat and treated roughly as stated in record 3. The missionaries were abusing their particular power and laid laws and regulations and guidelines down that had to be adopted. However , in document 4 there was an optimistic impact because a lot of the Africans began practicing Christianity. Islam likewise had confident impacts such as the people who implemented gained understanding and their teachings are still trained today around the world such as algebra and mathematics.

Both equally Christianity and Islam in the long term improved all their religions simply by spreading it. They had both positive and negative influences on their supporters and made their religions known worldwide.

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