Characterisation Essay


Main character: The character that plays the largest role in the plot from the story. Major character: Characters that enjoy a big role in the account.

Minor personality: Characters that play a small role in the story. Round characters: Round characters are just like real people. They have complex, multi-dimensional personalities. They are really capable of growing and changing. They are generally, but not usually, major character types.

Flat personas: They have one-dimensional personalities. That they represent or portray one specific characteristic. They are really a type, elizabeth. g. the jealous lover, the mislead or the irritated, old man. They are often, but not often, minor personas. Dynamic personas: They alter as a result of their experiences.

Static characters: They cannot learn from their experiences, and, thus, remain unchanged. How can the author communicate character? 1 . Telling: The narrator tells how the personality is, seems, thinks, etc . 2 . Exhibiting: The character discloses his or her persona through what the character says and does. three or more.

Setting: The writer might utilize the setting (time and place) to say something special in the character, at the. g. regarding the character’s emotions or perhaps feelings. 4. Comparison to other character types: It might be helpful to analyse how a character correspond with the additional characters inside the story, e. g. if perhaps there are character types that are against, or unlike, the character in question. 5. Overall look: The character’s clothes, appears and general appearance could tell us something special in the character’s personality. Questions to ask when ever analysing characters: 1 . Is definitely the character a primary, major or perhaps minor figure? 2 . Can it be a rounded or a smooth character? three or more.

Is it a dynamic or possibly a static character? 4. Does the author expose the character through showing or telling, or perhaps both? five. What does the way the character echoes reveal about his character?

6. How much does his behaviour reveal about his personality? 7. Luxury? similar or different from other characters inside the story? How can she connect with the additional characters? almost 8. Has the environment shaped the character’s character?

9. Does the setting echo the character’s mood or perhaps emotional point out?

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