In the document by Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Foolish? “, Carr points out quite a few drawbacks to today’s technology as well as as a useful gizmo to our contemporary society. Of course this kind of topic of discussion has different opinions and viewpoints about whether technology is arriving our aid or hurting us even more in today’s world. I really believe technology is in fact hurting us in some types, but eventually I believe that it is ultimately supporting us expand as persons and bettering society in general.


Nicholas Carr’s complete argument about how the internet can be hurting us and producing the use of our own knowledge turn into less of any factor is difficult to believe looking at the resources it provides to all of us today. Yahoo, Wikipedia, online databases, and school libraries are all staying put on the world wide web to serve accessible information. Colleges are even using the internet pertaining to online classes and email services to communicate with college students. The internet is has also brought us to be able to research and communicate around various nationalities without actually having to travel to those locations to see these people first hand.

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Social media websites, such as Fb and Twitter, are a incredibly good examples of your communication tool if they are employed in the correct trend. Websites like these allow for individuals to read about a topic or concern and discuss it with people worldwide, even the people that are being affected.

Blogs, discussion boards, and pictures are shared on the web together with the rest of the community to see and act upon. Carr fails to talk about the use of the internet in this way in his article. What Carr does not realize is that the internet is usually an endless pit of information and is also available to everybody, just not often necessarily seen by users. We are attracted to what we have an interest in and what is the most helpful to us around the internet. Carr mentions that “power browsing” is making us enough time traditional way of online examining by giving all of us quick is victorious. The use of back links allow for all of us to access various resources by helping a person gain more information and understand that better. This enables for users to access data quicker, allowing them to soak up info, and thus, making them have more expertise on the matter making them fewer stupid.

Carr makes the argument that “society is continuously being shaped by fresh technology”. I agree with this statement, although I think it really is more or less culture adapts towards the new technology staying introduced to us and what it has to offer. Each of our brains do not have to change for the net, they tend to build up with it. Being raised with technology, it is easy to understand and make use of what it provides. On the other hand, elderly generations may have a hard time with it because of it becoming to different to manage well. The number of information might be too hard to comprehend and might become a natural relationship. I have always been able to find the information that I’m looking for and use it to my taste. It’s only a matter of focus rather than becoming overcome.

Although technology and the use of the web are helpful, there are always downfalls to this kind of great things. Carr says that “as we be reliant in computers to meditate our understanding of the earth, it is our intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence”, I agree with this affirmation in the fact that humans count heavily about technology to communicate and entertain all of us. We have so much data at each of our fingertips it almost appears silly to get a book and actually research anything when you can only type it into a google search and benefit in lightning speed.

My parents and parents have told me that technology is making us anti-social and deteriorating our connection skills. The utilization of text messaging seems to be the one that is most at fault with this. In today’s culture, talking phoning around and in person is becoming challenging for most people, specifically teens and young adults. We could so value to typing text messages back and forth to each other that we lose the simple connection skills simply by not literally talking to these people. There is a wide range of things which a text message won’t be able to convey to people like chatting can such as emotion and clarity.

In conclusion, it’s everything regarding not getting too overwhelmed, use resources and the internet conscientiously, and make use of them to our advantage. Carr misses the point in this our capabilities for deep thinking are not ruined by internet nevertheless expressed and improved. To master about a selected subject, an individual enroll in a college course. You don’t need a plane ticket to learn about several cultures. This really is information at your fingertips with the use of the internet and it’s your responsibility and prerogative to use it properly and to your advantage.


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