book the titans of takeover publication report


Excerpt from Book Report:

Robert Slater

This statement is based after the book Titans of Takeover by Robert Slater. This book was originally posted in 1987 by Englewood Cliffs, and then re-published and copyrighted in 1999 by Beard Books.

Intro of the Author

The publication Titans of Takeover was authored by Robert Slater, who is famous for his strong stand against President Ronald Reagan’s attempts to make the U. S. industry a free overall economy by doing away with the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Regulations. He proven to America that though such a move would appear to yield immediate benefits by placing the nation’s economic climate on the map against the radiant economies that gave simply no room to antitrust regulations, it would, to a equally hugely, produce devastating outcomes around the economy in the long run. Slater provides authored several other bestselling business literature and written several articles on the Wsj, in addition to being a Newsweek Magazine, UPI, and Time Mag journalist.

Body system of the Assessment

This is one of the well-written, and clearly-thought away books I’ve come across. People would probably think that the book’s intent was going to make a fast-buck out of your corporate raiders, but I beg to strongly differ with this kind of thought. The writer clearly stipulates that the well being of the American public is his only interest. His core objective, he posits, is to countertop the picky positive disputes that the advocates of mergers used in so that it will mislead the American general public, which was found between a pool of influential businessmen controlling the entire market and fully influenced by the earnings motive, and a Reagan administration that had placed its complete weight in back of the combination mania, only so to make the American economic system more vibrant and familiar.

The author at one point makes reference into a public talk, neatly summed-up and attractively-packaged by Bruce Wasserstein – an investor company and merger mania supporter, expressing that mergers do nothing but yield a ability of economical benefits, which include scale financial systems, reduced operations overhead costs, decrease chances of corporate and business failure due to freshly-induced leadership, and so on. The speech intentionally evades a mention of the unwanted side effects that were likely to accrue from the same. With this, Wasserstein would collect lots of general public support and earn him self, as well as his inner circle, the reputation of a friendly purchaser.

The author, symbolizing the naysayers, puts out a strong disagreement against the pro-takeover argument that mergers can be a vibrant factor to task creation. This individual expresses that as a

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