Ballistic overall performance of bio composite

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Jute is among the most important lignocellulose fiber, bringing in attentions like a potential encouragement of batard because of its inborn properties just like low denseness, high tensile modulus and low elongation at break. Furthermore, its specific stiffness and strength are equivalent with man-made fibers. It has been found that natural fiber composites have got excellent electric powered resistance, good thermal and acoustic insulation properties and high resistance from fracture. The ballistic functionality of a book jacket applying layers of tar emulsion treated jute and white jute was tested, particularly energy waste and charge arrest. It absolutely was found the jacket could be classed since NIJ IIA, with the particular arrangement with the layers influencing the airborne properties substantially. 9×19mm Parabellum full metallic jacketed round nose bullets at a velocity of 37010 m/sec has been arrested with an especial layout of remedied jute and three tiers Kevlar. A great arrangement using a tar emulsion treated jute layer looking at white jute layers ended in a 10% improvement in performance. Even though, higher blend thickness is necessary to resist the topic completely, in comparison to price and availability, jute composites can be viewed for bullet resisting goal along with a minimal use of Para-aramid synthetic fiber.

Keyword: Ballistic functionality, jute blend, Kevlar.


Bullet-proof gentle body armours are trusted in army and authorities forces pertaining to protection goal. Non-biodegradable Kevlar-29 is used in these protective has on for its substantial ballistic overall performance. Hassan and Othman (2013) defined the ballistic functionality of a materials as a chance to “absorb effect energy regionally and spread the energy quickly and efficiently to the entire surface”. This kind of property allows it to be used in bullet-resisting clothing. All-natural bio-composite fibres, such as jute, flax or perhaps hemp, have got benefits over Kevlar to become used in bullet-resisting clothing. Fowler, Elias and Hughes (2006) state that bio-composites are including one or more phases of composite materials derived from a biological origins. Natural fibers composites have got low innate density, increased energy recovery, high specific mechanical properties, economic viability and biodegradability.

Bullet-proof vests are classified by the National Commence of Justice (NIJ), UNITED STATES according to the level of protection they offer. In general, level of protection raises with the increase of range of layers of ballistic fabric. However , cost of bullet-proof jacket is high for larger number of tiers. Moreover, utilization of bullet-proof vests in a fight situation requires the necessity of armour being light, flexible, and concealable. Kristanti, Aaminah, Wafiroh, Sudiro and Setiaji (2010) showed which the weight of the bullet-proof jacket must be underneath 8 kilogram. As such, people also be conflict between the contending needs of a low pounds product versus a high level of protection. In respect to Schuster and Fels (1998), Regarding materials pertaining to protecting people, it is important to provide lightweight goods with optimum wearing ease and comfort. In this newspaper, the ballistic performance of tar emulsion treated jute composite continues to be analyzed simply by simulation and experiment. Answers are compared with Kevlar-29 and white colored jute. Diverse composite levels were used in the experiment. Projectiles with substantial velocities were shoot and blocking capacity of the armour was observed from strength absorption capacity.


In the test, three materials are being used Kevlar 29, tar emulsion remedied jute and white jute. Structural big difference in tar emulsion remedied jute and white jute can be seen in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING image (Fig. 1). Properties of these materials are in comparison in Table 1 . and price will be compared in Table 2 .

To be able to generate design and style concept, a number of researches had been reviewed. The perfect design provides illustrated simply by showing the layer set up of blend in Fig. 2 which in turn consists 15th layers of composite with 12 logistik of thickness. This design and style also to create bulletproof clothes with low priced and lightweight a lot of consumers may affordable to get it for private safety.

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