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Beaumont Health Product is a three-hospital regional health system with more than 1, 725 beds with additional establishments that include assisted living facilities, home healthcare agency, research institute, primary and niche care clinics, rehabilitation, cardiology, and cancers centers. gives a wide-range of providers and applications to our adult and pediatric patients which includes Ninety-one medical and surgical expertise are represented on the Beaumont medical personnel of more than 3, 700 The state of michigan physicians with numerous community based medical centers through Detroit, Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties. The services area intended for Beaumont Clinic is Oakland County which usually consists of cities, villages, and townships with a population of just one, 202, 362 people.


Around 30% of Oakland County’s 483, 698 households possess children older 18 years old or younger. Beaumont is the exclusive scientific teaching site for the Oakland University William Beaumont School of drugs. The system showcases a wealthy history of landmark medical analysis to serve the health requires of southeastern Michigan and advance curing techniques country wide.

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Education Level and Profits Level

The degree of education of Oakland State as get a more well-informed county.

17. 6th percent of the Oakland inhabitants in the year 2010 is a graduate student of a specialist degree. twenty-four. 6 percentage of people in Oakland region have a Bachelors Degree. 7. four percent offer an associates degree, and 21 years old. 3 percent have had several college but they have no degree. Only six. 8 percent did not graduate high school. Which usually this quantity had decreased by a few percent. While the number of people who have graduated having a professional degree or a bachelors degree possess increased coming from 2000- 2010 by four percent. This census is usually from the inhabitants of people 25 and up. The median income for a household in the region was $61, 907, plus the median income for a relatives was $75, 540 (these figures got risen to $62, 308 and $79, 589 respectively as of a 2009 estimate[8]). Guys had a median income of $55, 833 versus 35 dollars, 890 for women. The per capita income for the county was $32, 534.

About 3. 80% of families and 5. 50 percent of the populace were below the poverty range, including 6th. 50% of the people under era 18 and 6. fifty percent of those era 65 or over. In the year 2000 the census for households with seniors was ninety six, 585 back in 2010 census the number of homeowners with older persons was 116, 768. that is a percentage transform of twenty. 9 percent. The number of people with aged people who live alone age 65 or more in 2k was 39, 910, and 2010 the amount of households 66 and elderly living alone is 47, 290 the industry percentage modify of 18. 5 percent. All those two groups are the largest changing in the 10 year course out of other age groups. To be more specific of age plus the change of population in the year 2k census throughout the 2010 census.

According to the SEMCOG projections intended for the year 2040 the majority embrace population is nearly strictly people the age sixty-five and up. Cons for Beaumont:

Competition via urgent treatment centers. Quicker wait moments than the hostipal wards along with less costly medical bills Recruiting, continued training, and preservation of gifted healthcare professionals¦. it will be crucial to always make sure their particular employees are happy and cared for because it is less difficult for certain experts to move on somewhere else

Advantages of Beaumont:

They can be well known and trusted over the community providing a variety of services for all age ranges. They keep on technology, fresh information, fresh techniques in the health field to help give quality of treatment. Possible merger with Henry Ford for financial stability during the healthcare reform Best Competitors to get Beaumont Health System Competitors | Of detroit Medical Center |

Henry Ford Health System |

University of Michigan Overall health System |

Intratable Valley-Sinai Clinic

St Joseph Clinic

Crittenton Hospital


A majority of the individuals in Oakland County have got a median age of forty five. 2 yet according to SEMCOG this median will need to increase because of the increased inhabitants of people 66 and up. The folks are mainly educated for that reason capable of getting good smart quality decisions. The Target market would be a populace of 65 and elderly.


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