Armstrong Family Essay


“Which is more significant freedom or happiness” (Nijinsky 78). Every human has their own classification for “happiness” and “freedom”, and that’s what Armstrong and BZRK cooperation’s are fighting for.

The Armstrong family battled for supreme happiness, when BZRK fought for people correct and freedom. Characters in this novel had been willing to expire for liberty and they were also willing to destroy for flexibility. This novel demonstrates the emerging technologies and makes you think of the inference they may stand for in society. It raises questions such as “Is freedom some thing worth preventing for? ” The motif is freedom, and it’s required for happiness, in BZRK by Eileen Grant that convincingly displays through craziness, achieving potential, and state of mind.

Through the figure isolation because of their restrictions, that they demonstrate that you want freedom to obtain more pleasure. Due to the Armstrong’s isolation for their isolation, they can be forcing their particular will to make a collective man identity. Within a conversation between your Armstrong brother’s and their supporters “they happen to be ruthless in a demonic cause, we can unite humanity” (Benjamin Armstrong 66). This can help connect with the exterior world as they observe and hear about leaders which can be imposing their very own will and taking people’s freedom.

Afterwards in the story, the reader finds that Vincent is diagnosed with the illness that makes him unable to truly feel happiness. Then on if he defeats the Armstrong siblings, he was capable of achieve delight. He has a look of disgust nevertheless later on the style is surpassed” (Sadie 155). This situation will help the reader imagine the disappointment in the personality because of the inability to achieve independence. Through lifetime of experiences the achieved flexibility allows us to live a happy rewarding life.

As a result of his independence being taken away Alex failed to reach his potential to reach his total potential in the army and was handcuffed in a mental Asylum. Alex’s brother details Alex situation “Alex Silk cotton was in a room and sitting on the advantage of the hokum. His wrists were handcuffed to steal rings” (Noah 5). This helps the reader associate the prisoners to a lack of liberty and insufficient achieved potentials in a variety of all kinds. Likewise, as a result of Anthony staying locked in his individual imagination he wasn’t capable to reach his full potential and was satisfied in being a mass murderer.

In a confrontation with Burnofsky “I just rewire people minds. You think I won’t rewire my own if perhaps needed! (Anthony 188). This showed the reader a lot regarding the character of Anthony and that he is willing to do anything to fulfill the Armstrong brother’s Throughout the sanity of major personas in BZRK, it help it them reach their supreme goal that was to achieve their freedom. Carry out to Greg Mclure state of mind he was able to create nanobot technology in hope to win battle against the Armstrong family members. During a chat with Anthony “Burnofsky remember the day this individual spent with Grey Mclure working in the lab on the nanobots” (Michael Give 124).

This kind of shows the reader that Greg always uses his intelligent to reach his potential and this helps him fight for his freedom against the Armstrong family. Similarly, Vincent always utilized his freedom of choice great intelligent to become the best nanobot fighter. In a battle among Vincent and Anthony “he will find a problem, he is too smart to fall for this trick” (Anthony 178).

Likewise, this shows how Vincent state of mind help it him excel in what he does and also help it him finally finding satisfaction in his your life. In conclusion, the theme is freedom is necessary for delight, and it’s demonstrated through madness, attaining potential, and sanity. Firstly, through personality isolation due to their appearance and sickness that shows that you require freedom to accomplish happiness in every area of your life. Secondly, through lifelong experiences the potential achieving helps you live a long gratifying life.

Last but not least, sanity assists the character attain his best goal that was to gain freedom. So , how come freedom worth fighting pertaining to? It issues a great deal to everyone one in the world.

Flexibility brings improvement, opportunity, and happiness in people lives.

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