Apollonian is a literary strategy term

Excerpt from Term Paper:

In this reading, Dobyns’ “Counterparts” is his statement of private philosophy that argues the only method to reach the Apollonian values is to work together with, and take hold of, the Dionysian and thus produce a whole, or possibly a yin-yang. This practice of using the Dionysian in order to obtain the Apollonian is a common strategy used in Dobyns’ poetry.


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Likewise, poet Honest O’Hara as well uses Apollonian themes in the majority of his works. Just like Dobyns, Outspoken O’Hara is additionally an American poet person. He is best known as being a essential member of the New York Institution of poetry.

O’Hara is well know for his ability to compose provocative and provoking poetry that was composed right away, sometime possibly over the period of time of a lunchtime break. Therefore, both high and low brow ethnical references are routine in O’Hara’s work, as they are in Dobyns’.

O’Hara was good friends and deeply motivated by many leading artists of the day, which includes Jasper Johns and Jackson Pollock, thus his beautifully constructed wording tends to reflect the inspiration he found in various works of art. O’Hara stated that in his poetry he hoped to produce through words and phrases the same results artists have got when painting on a painting.

In this feeling, O’Hara is usually an Apollonian at heart. As he felt the purpose of poetry was going to convey the emotions seen in art, having been essentially looking to create the Apollonian way of life through words. However , like Dobyns’, O’Hara also made use of the Dionysian in order to reach the Apollonian. In this perception, O’Hara was a realist, understanding that the direction to the Apollonian ideals included going through the fields of Dionysian intoxication as the earth we occupied was basically Dionysian.

In the poem entitled, “Homosexuality, inches Frank O’Hara asks, “so we are taking off our goggles, are we all, and keeping our jaws shut? ” This is with reference to living a life certainly not visible to society. Therefore, the illusions to “then we are off! ” And “our sensitive feet will never touch our planet again. ” From here the smoothness floats above New York City, watching everything he loves, although at a distant. The poem proves by saying, “It’s a summer working day, and I desire to be wanted above all else in the world. inches This understanding of being taken off what 1 really wants, or love, is reference to the normal Apollonian theme of working to obtain the meaning of life.

Therefore, in conclusion, to sum up referenced poets and poems, it can be found that poets, as a whole, usually associate with the Apollonian ideology over regarding the Dionysian. The reason for this can be the poet, through his or her poetry, strives to create the Apollonian standard of life and it is often crucial of the actual view as the falsities found in a Dionysian life. Thus, poets can be called the muse with the Apollonian philosophy.

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