In Fastuosidad Anzaldua’s book Borderlands La Frontera, The newest Mestiza, she shares her experience within a post-colonial world as a Chicana, a lesbian and a female who was raised in a cross-cultured area aiming to understand her identity yet also to make us think again about about what a border is definitely and exactly what the consequences which come with this. Anzaldua provides an impressive “mestiza consciousness as a powerful capable of breaking down dualistic ascendant archetypes. This concept relates to “hybridity, a mixed competition, which will be the primary focus with this essay.


The significance of being a hybrid in a colonized part of the North America resides in the desire of finding harmony between one’s cultural id and the conqueror’s model society. Before the warfare with the US, California, Co, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas belonged to Mexico. While Anzaldua states, ” segregated from mexico, the indigenous Mexican-Texan not anymore looked toward Mexico while home, the southwest started to be our homeland once more (Anzaldua 29).

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In this area she lives in, the border, Anzaldua are unable to expressly imagine herself while Mexican nor can the lady truly contact herself American according to the norms which include language (English) and the skin color (white).

What is her identity after that? All your woman knows is that her residence is in the Rj Grande Area. Anzaldua’s mother used to make reference to boys since snakes: “don’t go to the outhouse at night [¦] a fish will spider into your cola and cause you to be pregnant. The Azteca-Mexicana lifestyle is male-dominated; women will not really have very much power. As she clarifies, “the new I heard two ladies, a Banchina Rican and a Cuban, say the term nosotras, I had been shocked [¦] Chicanas employ nosotros whether male or female. Dialect is a zeichen discourse (Anzaldua 76). Girls are manipulated by men in her society, might be this is one of the reasons she started to be a saphic girls. Men forced the strong female deities underground by providing them monstrous traits through replacing them with male deities, which shows the lack of electrical power women maintain in this traditions. In addition , mcdougal explains that speaking The spanish language was viewed as an offend for People in the usa; “if you wish to be American, speak ‘American’. If you like it, go back to Mexico (Anzaldua 75). The ironic reality here is that Gloria’s ancestors and forefathers have always inhabited the terrain that now belongs to the US, prior to ‘white people’ came and populated the location.

The US by itself was a colony with Spanish, French, United kingdom conquerors. Who also said that ‘American’ has to be the languageyou need to speak in order to belong to their land? In addition , she needed to take two speech classes to get rid of her accent. Your woman expresses that “attacks on one’s form of expression while using intent to catón are a infringement of the First Amendment [¦] Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can be cut out ( Anzaldua 76). Certainly, to truly participate the American ideal contemporary society, she were required to speak just English and get rid of her accent. Yet , her highlight is portion of the person she actually is, her traditions and identification. Getting rid of it truly is getting rid of her cultural qualifications. In conclusion, Elegancia Anzaldua points out how demanding it was on her to live in a colonized land of North America, trying to fit into their ideal society without forgetting her own tradition and everything that identify her. Her sexuality, gender, faith, culture, terminology and accentuate are what constitute the Self, what represents her uniqueness and defines her role in North America.


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