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Excerpt by Case Study:

In Marge’s circumstance, we are not able to immediately determine for certain what biological components have enjoyed a role in her episodic attacks. Yet , we can assume, speculate suppose, imagine that the girl with vulnerable to the overall range of physical symptoms in relation to an panic attacks as a result of exterior triggers which can be socially, locally or pressure-induced. It is also probably that her increased anxiety about the recurrence of her anxiety attacks is making her increasingly delicate to their opportunity.

Possible Treatment options:

With respect to treatment, both biological and emotional paths are appropriate. First and foremost, it truly is appropriate to rule out the possibility that Marge is usually suffering from a heart state. In doing credited medical diligence, she will get chest x-rays, blood assessments, screening of vitals and stress tests intended to evaluate her cardiovascular health. In addition to elucidating any physiological causes pertaining to the symptoms she explains, greater awareness of her cardiovascular system health may bring psychological equanimity to the subject.

Afterwards, Marge needs to be recommended pertaining to clinical therapy aimed at unveiling the root reasons behind her worries. By seeking to determine the sequence of events that tend to induce anxiety-related anxiety and panic attacks, an effective counseling course could help her to find ways of dealing and preempting the onset of future problems.

Marge are often a candidate pertaining to medication since assistance intended for managing her anxieties. Based on the National Company of Mental Health (NIHM)(2011) “Antidepressants were developed to treat depression but are also successful for anxiety disorders. Although these medications continue to alter mind chemistry following the very first dose, their full effect takes a series of becomes occur; most commonly it is about 4 to 6 weeks before symptoms start to reduce. It is important to carry on taking these medications lengthy enough to let these people work. ” (p. 1) the NIMH indicates that the medication decision should be based upon patient profiles and possible side effects.

Pros and cons of Treatment:

One of the designated strengths of psychological treatment is their continuity and its capacity to help uncover the fundamental causes of a great anxiety disorder. While biological triggers may increase an individual’s vulnerability, positive medical psychology strategies can help to take greater clearness to stress management tactics. Most importantly, correct counseling can represent the between the repeat of disorders and the start a full-blown disorder. In respect to Geyer (2001), psychology “provides a framework intended for understanding the moment and how items become lower than normal for people and rendering suggestions or perhaps solutions because context. inches (Geyer, 1)

One weak point of psychological treatment is that it may be not capable of penetrating a few of the core substance predispositions reviewed in the Natural Mechanisms section above. This is actually the primary durability of pharmaceutical drug treatment. Stated strength is definitely counter-balanced by risk of unwanted side effects.


Marge should likely be diagnosed with anxiety and stress attacks with the possibility of a great anxiety disorder. Clinical psychological counselling is recommended to assist refine this kind of diagnosis and also to discover the root cause of her condition. Marge may also gain from a light course of anxiety-medication treatment.

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