Analysis of comptronix corporation figuring out

1 . Professional auditing standards present the examine risk style, which is used to determine the nature, timing, and degree of audit procedures. Explain the components from the model and discuss just how changes in every component affect the auditor’s dependence on evidence. The audit risk model can be used to determine the nature, timing, and extent of substantive taxation procedures. The components of taxation risk model usually stated as follows: DOCTOR = AR/(IR x CR)


Where: DOCTOR = diagnosis risk; KVADRATMETER = audit risk; MARCHAR = inherent risk; CRYSTAL REPORTS = control risk Detection Risk: auditors’ procedures will certainly lead them to consider that a financial statement declaration is not materially misstated when the truth is such misstatement does are present.

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If auditors want to decrease DR, that they had better gather more data and make sure the validity of evidence. Audit Risk: auditors may undoubtedly fail to correctly modify their particular opinion in financial statements that are materially misstated. In the event that AR should be keep in low level, which means the other risks also should become low.

Natural Risk: The chance of material misstatement of a economical statement assertion, assuming there have been no related controls. As inherent risk increases, PDR decreases, which in turn increases the auditor’s need for better evidence. Control risk: Raise the risk that a materials misstatement that may occur in a merchant account will not be averted or diagnosed on a timely basis by simply internal control. If the durability of inner control can be assessed since decreasing, the auditor will need to pay more awareness of control risks.

2 . Among the components of the audit risk model is definitely inherent risk. Describe common factors that auditors assess when examining inherent risk. With the benefit for hindsight, what inherent risk factors had been present during the audits from the 1989 through 1992 Comptronix financial assertions? Inherent risk is a way of measuring the auditor’s assessment of the susceptibility associated with an assertion to a material misstatement assuming you will find no related internal settings. Some believe inherent risk would be increased for some statements and related account depending on some circumstances as follows:

¢Complex calculations rather than simple calculations.

Once the firm lost their particular a key customer, Management have a strong determination manipulate product sales and functioning performance to fulfill investor targets because the loss of a key client put a lot of pressure upon management to satisfy the requirements of external users. ¢Public Offering of Inventory: After Comptronix made it is public providing of stock, they have the pressure which usually push the management to control operating functionality too meet the expectations through the external users.

¢Technological Improvement: Comptronix is known as a manufacture firm which key products are circuit planks and the routine boards’ development depend on technological improvement.

The technological improvement has a adverse impact on working performance. ¢Pressures from a fresh star Business: By the initially year in the fraud (1989), Comptronix started to be a new organization which can utilize more than one particular, 800 employees in less than ten years, and at same time, the organization expanded it is the size of the business in 3 different places. The fast development of company made the management modified their operations instead of monitoring service operations. ¢Estimation of Accounts: The high inherent risk accounts include Accounts receivable/ payable, products on hand, and house, plant, and equipment. Although all the accounts’ computation is founded on estimation which usually led the numbers are extremely unreliable and subjective.

¢Cash Flow Pressures: Comptronix experienced net loss from 1986. Until the business attracted a venture capitalist, the company could generate strong sales and profits. Just before 1989, Comptronix had made only two consecutive numerous years of profit following several years of net losses. cash flow of financial statement are not able to cover many years of recurring loss. The administration has causes to make up operating accounts to appearance perfect to attract more

investors. 3. Another element of the examine risk version is control risk. Illustrate the five components of internal control. What characteristics of Comptronix’s interior control elevated control exposure to possible the audits of the 1989-1992 year-end financial statements?

Five components of control risk happen to be: control environment, risk examination, control actions, information and communication, and monitoring. Control environment established the tone of an corporation by impacting on the control consciousness of people. Risk evaluation is management’s process pertaining to identifying, examining, and answering the risks. Control activities will be policies and procedures that help ensure that management’s assignments are completed. Information is necessary at all numbers of an organization to support management in meeting the organization’s targets.

Monitoring of controls can be described as process to evaluate the quality of inner control overall performance over time. The information and communication is critically weak in that he 3 executives were able to perpetrate the fraud by simply bypassing the existing accounting program. They can record the fictitious articles manually and other employees were excluded through the manipulations to minimize the likelihood of the fraud becoming discovered.

Besides, the fragile control activity and monitoring is showed by the reality Mr. Shifflett or Mister. Medlin could approve obligations based entirely on an invoice. Therefore , the fraud group was able to sidestep internal handles over funds disbursements.

Inside controls were insufficient to detect the manipulation of sales and accounts receivable. Mr. Medlin had to be able to access the shipping division system.

four. The table of administrators, and its review committee, can be an effective corporate and business governance mechanism. Discuss the pros and cons of allowing inside administrators to sere on the table. Describe standard responsibilities of taxation committees. What strengths or weaknesses were present associated with Comptronix’s plank of directors and taxation committee?

As shareholders have got limited usage of the enough information, they may be hard to monitor the daily deals and supervision. They would assign the obligations to the plank of directors. Then, table of owners require inside directors to supply sufficient info in order to make decisions those will be in the maximum profits of shareholders. Yet , if the inside directors have got improper uses, it’s quickly to be a manipulation tool to get management.

Review committee is responsible for ensuring that you can actually financial claims and reports are exact and work with fair and reasonable quotes. More specifically, it can be charged with overseeing the financial revealing and disclosure process, monitoring choice of accounting policies and principles, supervising hiring, efficiency and freedom of the exterior auditors, oversight of corporate compliance, monitoring the interior control method, overseeing the performance from the internal audit function, and discussing risikomanagement policies and practices with management.

The control environment is considerably influenced by the effectiveness of its panel of directors or the audit committee. Factors that bear for the effectiveness in the board or perhaps audit committee include the magnitude of it is independence by management, the ability and stature of its members. Nevertheless , among the several individuals in Comptronix table of directors, five users are both inside directors or administrators had close affiliations with management.

In addition , the primary responsibility of the board of administrators is to protect the shareholders’ assets and be sure they get a decent return on their expenditure. Board people act as trustees of the company assets and must work out due diligence to oversee that the organization is definitely well maintained and that it is financial situation is still sound. But the composition of Comptronix’s panel of administrators obviously does not have objectivity.

A qualifying review committee ought to be composed of 3rd party directors who are not officers or employees of the business and who do not have additional relationships that impair freedom. However , The audit committee of Comptronix is made up two outside owners and one gray director, which might inevitably damage the independence. What’s more, to qualify, the committee must be composed of outside director with at least one being qualified as a economical expert. On the other hand, for Comptronix Corporation, there is not any indication of whether any of these individuals had accounting or financial reporting backgrounds. Lastly, the audit panel met just twice during 1991, it had been not proficiently and completely to screen and oversee the financial reporting.

a few. Public companies must document quarterly financial statements in Form 10-Qs, that have been analyzed by the provider’s external auditor. Briefly illustrate the key requirements of Auditing Standards (AU) Section 722, Interim Economical Statements. Why wouldn’t most companies (public and private) engage their very own auditors to do timely testimonials of temporary financial transactions?

The term interim financial data means economic information or perhaps statements protecting a period just one full 12 months or for any 12-month period ending over a date other than the entity’s fiscal year end.

An evaluation consists primarily of performing conditional procedures and making questions of individuals responsible for economical and accounting matters, and does not contemplate (a) test of accounting documents through inspection, observation, or confirmation; (b) tests of controls to evaluate their performance; (c) the obtain net of corroborating evidence in answer to inquiries; or (d) the overall performance of certain other types of procedures ordinarily performed in an taxation.

The decision to get a review involvement is a joint decision in the client and auditor. Thus a review would be performed if the benefits towards the auditor also to the client go beyond the costs to both parties. Generally, firms with high complexity are more likely to become reviewed than firms with low complexness. Firms with high growth opportunities a less likely being reviewed than patients with low growth options for they could possibly be associated with larger information and litigation dangers. And it’s also regarding the firms’ audit assurance and insurance needs.

6. Describe if you think Comptronix’s executive team was innately dishonest from the beginning. How is it possible for or else honest individuals to become involved in frauds just like the one at Comptronix?

We don’t think Comptronix’s professional team was inherently deceitful from the beginning. In opposite, we believe there are two main reasons pertaining to the company committed the scams.

The first is the weak inner control.

Initially comes to the company’s board of director. The board of directors is liable for overseeing the actions of management. Elements that endure on the efficiency of the board include the extent of it is independence from management, the feeling and stature of its members, the extent to which it raises and pursues challenging questions with management, and its interaction while using internal and external auditors. the audit committee with the board of directors must be composed of impartial directors who are not representatives or personnel of the organization and whom do not have different relationships that impair freedom. In addition , the audit committee should have one or more members who may have financial confirming expertise.

Yet , Comptronix’s panel of company directors consist of the CEO and the COO from the company, And two of the other five directors who had close rassemblement with administration, one served as the company’s outside standard legal counsel and the other who also served as vice president of manufacturing for a significant customer of Comptronix, and one of the leftover outside directors who was someone in the investment capital firm that owned 574, 978 stocks (5. 3%) of Comptronix’s common stock, the second outside the house director who had been the vice chairman and CEO from the local bank originally loaning money to the company, plus the third outside director who was president of the international parts supplier operating out of Taiwan.

And there was zero indication of whether any of these people had accounting or monetary reporting backgrounds. 28. 6% of the board consisted of inside directors. As well as all of the table of owners disobey the independence and effectiveness in the formation from the board of directors. The interest relationship with all the company elevated the potential exposure to possible the managing to commit fraud.

Another is the huge pressure of harsh competition for the businesses in the industry. The fraud was motivated by loss of the customer in 1989 towards the three executives’ former workplace, SCI. Considering that the first manipulation of the economical statement, these people were forced to manipulate the various other years and evidences to hide the manipulation, which created a vicious circle.

In conclusion, the weak inner control program provided a fantastic environment intended for the commission payment of scam. The huge pressure of the firm brought the motivation from the fraud. Both of them played significant roles pertaining to the honest people to become involved in ripoffs.

7. Auditing Standards (AU) Section 316, Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Affirmation Audit, records that three conditions are generally present when fraud happens. Research the authoritative standards for auditors and provide a quick summary of every of the three fraud circumstances. Additionally , provide an example from the Comptronix scams of each in the three fraud conditions.

(1) Three fraud conditions

Initial, management or other workers have an incentive or are pressurized, which provides reasons to devote fraud. Second, circumstances exist”for example, the absence of regulates, ineffective controls, or the ability of administration to override controls”that offer an opportunity for a fraud to get perpetrated. Third, those engaged are able to rationalize committing a fraudulent act. Some individuals have an attitude, figure, or set of ethical values that allow them to knowingly and intentionally devote a dishonest act.

(2) Examples

The motivation for top firm executive to perform fraud is that after the business went public, the company required an increasing number for revenue on the income statement, to draw more traders and associated with stock selling price higher and higher.

One of many opportunities pertaining to fraud perpetrated in Comptronix is that their particular internal settings were and so insufficient. Three executives experienced so many authorities to obtain access to various accounts. They can acquire control of both checks and accounts payable, which permit them to make fake equipment purchasing documenting.

Because Comptronix`s quarterly filings were unaudited, the professionals were powerful in manipulating quarterly economical statements. When they successfully altered 1989 year-end sales and receivables, they thought their particular performance will not be discovered simply by external auditors and SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S, so they began documenting fictitious quarterly sales usually.

8. Auditing Standards Section 316, Concern of Scam in a Economic Statement Examine, notes there is a possibility that management override of handles could result from every taxation and accordingly, the auditor should include examine procedures atlanta divorce attorneys audit to cope with that risk.

a. What do you think is intended by the term “management override?

Management override of inside controls is a intervention by managers in handling economic information and making decisions contrary to interior control plan. Managers might believe they have a chance to operate outside of the internal handles, but this may not be true.

w. provide two examples of where management override of controls occurred in the Comptronix scam.

For example , Mister. Medilin, since controller and treasurer, gets the authorization to control both product sales documents and accounts receivable documents. As a result he can get into bogus product sales into the accounting system then make false accounts receivable to overstate the company`s earnings. Moreover, in order to overstate the equipment and accounts payable, the three company executives minimize fake checks to the bogus accounts payable vendors associated with the fake purchases of equipment. Nevertheless , the check preparing and recording of kit purchases careers should be given away to different personnel. Handling the two of these jobs concurrently by same executives present them opportunity to make overstated recording of kit purchasing.

c. Research AU Section 316 to identify the three required auditor responses to help address the chance of management override of inner controls.

3 required auditor responses to further address the chance of management override: (1) Evaluating journal records and other adjustments for proof of possible material misstatement as a result of fraud. (2) Reviewing accounting estimates for biases that may result in materials misstatement as a result of fraud. (3) Evaluating the organization rationale for significant strange transactions.

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