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This kind of paper examines alternative sources of energy on the whole, and the solar powered energy in particular. The paper likewise looks at the use and development of solar energy in UAE, concentrating on the use and development of solar power in UAE by the company known as MASDAR.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is among the most effective and affordable alternate sources of strength. Alternative source of power refers to virtually any energy source that is not based on fossil fuel, any kind of energy source which is not derived from the fossil gas. Some of the prevalent sources of option energy incorporate: solar energy, geothermal energy, Wind energy, Indivisible energy, Hydrogen energy, and Biofuel and Ethanol causes of energy. This kind of paper examines the alternative sources of energy in general, and is targeted on the Solar Energy as one of the most effective, affordable, and cheap alternative source of energy. The paper also looks at use and development of solar energy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially, by company named MASDAR, based in the UAE.

As just seen, alternative source of power is any energy source that will not use fossil fuel in generating strength (Alternative Energy, Web). There are a number of benefits of employing alternative source of energy in comparison to using the fossil gasoline source of energy. A benefit of using the alternative source of power is that the alternate source of energy minimizes the usage of precious fuel source of energy and therefore preserves and prevents the non-renewable fuels from becoming depleted. With the emergence of numerous and effective industries today, coupled with the rise of the amount and use of vehicles, aeroplanes, and boats, which most depend on precious based fuels, the precious fuel source of energy is indeed on the danger of being depleted. Depletion of the fossil fuel source of energy, without an effective alternative source of power would indeed be a wonderful obstacle inside the industrial expansion in the modern world. For this reason, research on and usage of option source of energy are becoming quite common in the modern world.

The other major advantage of using the option source of energy is the fact many alternative options for energy are very friendly to the environment, we. e. a variety of sources of strength do not launch toxic chemicals to our environment. Fossil based causes of energy are well known for liberating greenhouse gases, Carbon Dioxide gas, in the environment, thus leading to the global temperatures rising (Alternative Strength, Web). Global warming threatens for making our world inhabitable and so there is an urgent need to develop alternative causes of energy which in turn not trigger any menace to our personal existence. Many alternative sources of strength therefore support us to get the energy we need within our various activities without creating any problems for our environment.

The third significant advantage of applying alternative source of energy is that, the alternative source of energy is quite cheap and affordable compared to the fossil gasoline based sources of energy (Alternative Energy, Web). The cost of the fossil primarily based fuels can be increasing every year in many countries all over the world that do not produce the fossil fuels. Several governments are utilizing a lot of money upon fossil fuels since source of energy. As well, many poor people are not able to pay the fossil fuels because of the astronomical costs associated with them. Alternatively, alternative causes of energy such as the solar energy plus the biogas are very cheap and affordable to almost everybody. The choice sources of strength, therefore , are very cheap and affordable, alternative sources of energy ensure that almost everybody has entry to power. The alternative sources of energy therefore spurs economic growth of a country through making cheap power open to all people, like the poor people.

Having viewed the main features of alternative causes of energy, i want to now check out some of the prevalent alternative types of energy. You will discover indeed a variety of sources of strength, but in this kind of paper, we intend to look in brief only at some of the prevalent alternative options for energy.

Blowing wind Energy

Wind energy refers to the generation of electricity from your wind energy through the use of wind generators. The wind generator is made up of 3 propellers-like blades known as a disc. The brake disc then is attached to a really tall tower, which looks like a very high poll. The tower should certainly be high because, normally, winds will be stronger bigger from the ground (Wind Power: Power, Web). When the wind blows, the tower system captures the wind to produce kinetic energy, the wind makes the brake disc to rotate, and as the rotor moves, the motions of the content spinning blades provide power to electrical generator that produces the kinetic energy. The generated kinetic power can then be converted into electric power by magnets in the wind turbine.

One of the primary advantages of wind power is the fact it is a clean source of energy that does not cause virtually any harm to environmental surroundings. Wind electrical power also is reasonable and affordable, in comparison to the fossil fuels. Wind strength also is quite effective, reliable and can be continual over a very long time. Wind strength therefore is one of the best alternative sources of strength.


Just like the wind energy, Biogas is also a renewable supply of energy- Biogas is generated from organic resources. Biogas as an alternative source of power involves malfunction of organic and natural materials in absence of fresh air to produce a gas that can be used as a source of energy (Biogas, Web). A few of the organic components that can be used in the production of Biogas incorporate animal waste materials, sewage spend, and green organic matter waste. Some of the gases that are produced in Biogas include: Methane, hydrogen, and Carbon monoxide. These three smells are combustible, and so they are generally used in heating system purposes, for example in cooking.

Biogas as an alternative source of power is eco-friendly, Biogas technology does not damage the environment. The other main advantage of Biogas technology is the fact it is quite inexpensive and inexpensive. This is because Biogas production requires mainly utilization of waste materials such as animal waste materials and sewerage waste. Biogas therefore is an extremely affordable and effective option source of energy.

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen gas has a wide range of energy and has been can be used in various ways as an alternative source of energy. But Hydrogen doesn’t can be found in the atmosphere in isolated state, Hydrogen always is present in mixed forms to elements. To have Hydrogen consequently , in its pure form, we have to separate Hydrogen from its compounds (Wise, d. d). As an example, Hydrogen is usually obtained from the hydrocarbons through a process known as reforming. The reforming method involves using heat to separate Hydrogen from your hydrocarbons. Hydrogen also is from water by using a process generally known as electrolysis. This process involves the use of an electric current to separate water into it disposition elements of Hydrogen and Air. Hydrogen is utilized in various engines as a source of energy, for instance NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) uses Hydrogen as a source of energy to launch space shuttles.

Around the environment, the usage of Hydrogen like a source of energy features absolutely no regarded harmful results. Hydrogen is also high in strength and is found in high energy-driven engines, this therefore implies that hydrogen is actually a quite powerful source of energy.

Having viewed the above 3 alternative causes of energy, we will now try looking in details at the fourth option source of energy, as well as the most commonly used option source of energy i actually. e., the solar energy. All of us will also go through the use and development of solar energy in the Usa Arab Emirates (UAE), specifically by the company known as MASDAR.

Solar Energy

Solar energy can be defined as the harnessing of photo voltaic and using the energy as being a source of energy/power for several activities (Solar Energy. Web). Solar energy technology involves taking of sun light or perhaps heat and converting that solar energy to a new form of energy that is functional. There are two main means of harnessing solar power. In the initially way, referred to as Photovoltaic, the sun’s light is harnessed and converted to electricity. The conversion of solar energy in to electric energy entails the use of a Photovoltaic (PV), this kind of technology involves the use of partially conductors to convert sun radiations in electric energy. Inside the second means of harnessing the solar energy, the solar energy is definitely harnessed and used for both cooling or heating. Through this second way of harnessing solar energy, the solar energy is certainly not converted into electric energy.

Use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy provides various advantages and the next are the key advantages of applying solar energy alternatively source of energy. These kinds of advantages also can account for the widespread usage of solar energy all over the world around the world.

Cheap of Production

One of many available substitute sources of energy, solar energy development is among the cheapest alternative sources of energy. The sole costs associated with the solar energy require the obtain and the installation of solar panel. Thereafter, no different expenses will probably be incurred since the solar panel will probably be harnessing the solar energy from your sun. This will make solar energy reasonable to many persons. This means that the use of solar energy considerably cuts down the expenses associated with the use of fossil gasoline based causes of energy.

Endless Energy Source

Unlike the fossil fuels which have been exhaustible, solar power offers an endless source of energy. This is due to solar energy is usually renewable and uses the sun as the main source of energy. By making use of solar power, were therefore capable to avert the threat posed by the destruction of fossil based options for energy.


The application of solar energy is fairly friendly towards the environment and does not cause any major problems for the environment. The application of solar energy creates only minimal amount of green house gases, and this as a result means that the application of solar energy technology doesn’t bring about the loss of the ozone layer which causes the global temperatures rising.

Production of enormous Scale power/Energy

Contrary to some of the alternative sources of energy that generates only a tiny scale amount of energy, solar energy technology is very effective and it is able to produce large scale energy. With the use of proper and powerful solar panels, anybody can get a large amount of energy that they may use pertaining to various purposes.

Use and Development of Solar powered energy in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Usa Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the world exactly where solar energy is often used. A few big industrial sectors in the United Arab Emirates are tell you the use of solar powered energy. Besides wide use of solar powered energy, the UAE also specializes in large scale production of solar panel. The AEA is one of the primary suppliers of solar panels in the world (Solar Strength in UAE, Web. )

According to experts, although the UAE is definitely widely employing solar energy and producing solar energy panels at a sizable scale level, the UAE still has a lot of possibility of solar energy. Relating to an professional study accomplished this year on UAE potential for solar energy, professionals found out that the UAE gets the potential of achieving 100 gigawatts, by year 2030. This for that reason shows that the UAE features massive likelihood of solar energy (Solar Energy in UAE, Net. ).

According to the study carried out by the experts, it was also found that UAE had one of the most ambitious and advanced plan for the solar energy. The main ambition upon solar energy in UAE is usually carried out by the MASDAR Company as we shall see later. In the research, the experts as well learnt that in the region, UAE is the hub of solar technology, the neighbouring countries of UAE traveled to UAE for more information on solar panel technology and also to choose the most advanced and sophisticated equipment for alternative sources of energy(Solar Energy in UAE, Web. ).

The success of solar power development and usage in UAE can be attributed to the efforts of MASDAR Business. The MASDAR Company focuses primarily on solar energy as we shall see below.


The key mission of MASDAR is always to produce commercially viable alternative causes of energy. The company therefore has specialized on production and exploration on commercial viable substitute sources of energy) Masdar. Web). But , although the company relies in UAE, MASDAR is known as a supplier of different sources of energy in different parts of the world. For effectiveness in jogging and to manage to effectively attain its desired goals, MASDAR Organization is extensively organized around three units: MASDAR clean energy, MASDAR metropolis, and, MASDAR capital.


MASDAR energy product deals with large scale projects in clean energy. These jobs aim at development of large range instruments of clean energy such as wind turbines and powerful solar panel systems. MASDAR strength unit also specializes in building plants to get the production of those large scale equipment of clean strength production.


MASDAR city is a great ambitious project in UAE to build a clean town that operates only about solar energy. Metropolis is already created, but really not yet finish. The city has powerful solar power panels that are used to harness energy from the sunlight.


MASDAR capital specializes in commercialization of fresh energy items. The MASDAR capital also funds exploration on the clean energy goods. The research is carried out by the MASDAR Start of Technology and Technology.

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