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Emma, Ethical Issue

Values is the result of human interpretation of right and wrong. One’s ethical outlook is going to drive their behavior within a multitude of different situations. However , not everyone forms their particular ethical plan in the same ways. Different viewpoints about religion, culture, and very good and wicked itself will certainly directly impact the creation of values in an person. (Heinrichs, Oser, and Lovat, 2013) At times, the situation will help dictate the type of moral theory should be employed. Considering all of this information, the following composition will look at a personal moral dilemma ahead of explaining just how it was resolved, and how the resolution might have been impacted by the application of different honest theories.

Ethical Situation

The ethical problem I will be focusing on for this paper occurred to me about one year ago. I was in Atlanta going to family intended for the weekend. Late at nighttime, I was walking down a mostly deserted street with my sis, when we noticed a rustling noise in an alley. We looked down the alley and saw a huge man repeatedly punching and kicking a women, simultaneously phoning her several terrible names. While my own first intuition was to proceed help her, my sis held my own arm and encouraged me to call the police instead. I knew that if we called the police, it could take them a chance to arrive to the location, and from the strength at which this women had been assaulted, your woman might be lifeless by that time. I was instantly torn, attempting to help this woman, although also wanting to not put myself, or maybe more importantly, my personal sister, in a serious risk.


In the end, I told my sibling to phone the police, while I approached the individuals in the alley quickly. When I involved 30 toes away from the duet, I shouted at the gentleman to stop. The man looked up, observed me standing there, and saw my personal sister nearby the street calling the police, and ran over the alley, leaving the woman in the grass. When law enforcement officials arrived, the woman was delivered to the hospital, but is not before thanking my sister and me personally profusely.

Response Analysis

While I made the decision to approach these people directly in a short amount of time, I did consider the results of my own various options. I thought about safeguarding my sis, should the gentleman decide to strike us too, and I thought about the other folks in my family who rely on me for support would you be devastated if a thing were to happen to me. However , these thoughts of maintenance were drowned out by notion that the woman probably had family that cherished her too. Furthermore, I believed if it was my sister being defeated, I would certainly want someone to step in that help her. Used to do consider quickly what was the ethically proper and ethically wrong action to do in this scenario, although I did not apply any moral theory or moral rule, nor think about what a person that I actually admire might do in this situation. I might have had these thoughts easily had for a longer time to assess the case.

Advantage Ethics and My Response

In my opinion the moral approach that a majority of resembled the way i handled this example would be virtue ethics. (Heinrichs, Oser, and Lovat, 2013) I entered into the situation because I believed it was the best thing to do and i also wanted to safeguard this female’s safety. Were I to walk about by, or just wait for police to arrive, We would be directly conflicting with the virtues that we hold quite high in my personal life, such as courage, braveness, and consideration. By stepping into the situation, I was exemplifying my personal principles. (Holmes, 2013) If I socialized differently, I would personally likely feel cognitive cacophonie and might be forced to alter my benefits as I did not live up to all of them.

Putting on Different Moral Theories

Basically had utilized a different honest theory or perhaps moral regulation, I may include behaved in another way. For instance, I believe if I had applied utilitarianism I may have got resisted getting involved further than dialling the police. If I was aiming to maximize the favorable and reduce the bad, I might have considered the hazards of this guy hurting myself and my sister while too great to maximize the excellent in this circumstance. (Heinrichs, Oser, and Lovat, 2013) If I followed this kind of line of pondering, were My spouse and i to help and the man brutally overcome not only the victim, but also my own sister and me, this may be increasing how much violence, and minimizing the positive outcomes. As it turns out, yet , by actually stepping in, I almost certainly maximized the excellent in this circumstance and reduced the harm, aligning my personal behavior plus the outcomes with utilitarianism in many ways. (Heinrichs, Oser, and Lovat, 2013)

Inside the same line of thinking, if I got applied deontological ethics, the outcome may not have already been the same. Deontological ethics says that the most ethical decision is the one that follows the set rules and regulations in place. (Heinrichs, Oser, and Lovat, 2013) Thus, applying deontological ethics to this circumstance would have made me without a very clear direction, while there is no regulation saying that you must try to protect a victim of violent crime. (Holmes, 2013) Considering this, I believe that making use of virtue values was the simplest way to go in this situation, and it triggered the best effects.


It is difficult to assess whether or not one’s integrity are what they should be. As a result of all the different viewpoints on the nature of the existence, and one’s position in world, there are numerous moral perspectives that one can take on. It is vital, in my opinion, that after one really does decide on an ethical basis, that they stick to it in every circumstance and do what is most ethical, as this is what defines all of us as free-thinking and compassionate humans.

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