American Culture vs Lebanese Culture Essay


History and Geography would be the most important factors that condition a given society’s culture; In Lebanon, religions are of big influence for the adopted ideals and presumptions; some will probably be discussed in the following to make the point about how history and geography have interfered to condition the Lebanese society as a result, and then an evaluation with the American values and the historical backgrounds will follow; -Family: being at the heart from the Arab world, where Christianity and Islam were born and spread later towards the entire world, Lebanese people practice their religious believes in their various aspects, which include those linked to the family members bounds and relations.

Lebanese families have strong leggings: the Admiration to the Elderly, the extended kinship sites, the dependence of the Weak on the Strong (when youngsters depend on their very own parents right up until they become able to take responsibility of themselves, and then the dependence from the parents on their sons –and girls- whenever they become outdated and in requirement for their assistance); all these would be the “normal” Lebanese expectations and values regarding the family. – History: Lebanese people give big importance to their history and they keep this in mind to learn from the mistakes of the past that price them millions of spirits; in Lebanon the term “we paid bloodstream for this cause” is trusted. The Lebanese flag has two red bands in its top and bottom sides, to symbolize pertaining to the blood that is shed with regard to the country and everything those martyrs who sacrificed their lives throughout the background.

Lebanese history is very wealthy and filled with invasions and struggles to freedom again and again, and this has left pride in Lebanese persons of their previous and perseverance to continue precisely the same path in moralities and values about the country and the freedom. – Food: Conservation of Foodstuff that the Lebanese used to prepare each summer season for the winter (called Mooneh), has it is origins equally from the cool winters where no meals would be available, and through the famous WWI’s famine that stroke Lebanon, where just rich persons and some farmers were able to survive since they experienced some food stored in their facilities. In addition , meats has to be Halal; that is the creature has to be killed according to the Islamic way, possibly for Lebanese Christians whom consider Halal meat more healthy and more hygienic.

In the Islamic regions of Lebanon, it’s certainly not acceptable to request alcohol or to drink or become drunk when you visit a Muslim, because alcohol is usually forbidden in Islam. As it is offensive to request for foodstuff or to consume, drink or perhaps smoke in public places during the day in Ramadan, where Muslims will be fasting by that time. Whilst in the American framework, history has also shaped the values in the American persons, but naturally in different way as the historical events and situations was much different from these experienced in Lebanon.

Taking above undertaken examples, inside the following can be an research of these in the American framework as compared to the Lebanese one particular. – Relatives: the cultural tissue from the American contemporary society is made up of migrants from different parts of the world, and in accordance to their source, families will vary values and social procedures. Accordingly, households living in The state of michigan are similar inside their family range and beliefs to the Lebanese, as there is a big Lebanese Diaspora moving into this condition.

While consist of regions wherever most of the immigrants originate from North-Western Europe, households don’t have as strong bounds since the oriental people, and young adults’ dependence on their particular parents is known as as a pity and viewed to because immaturity. – History: despite the brief history of the usa as compared to different countries – here to Lebanon- record has had a lot with healthy diet the American culture as well as its people’s ideals, and People in the usa as the Lebanese happen to be proud of their particular history and demonstrate great esteem for those who written for the at present constitutional laws and beliefs. For instance, the famous war involving the North as well as the South experienced its essential footprints around the American principles regarding the ethnic discrimination and the respect to the individual regardless his color or race.

On the other hand, the interventions of President Roosevelt during the Superb Economical Depressive disorder in order to produce job possibilities and boost the economy, will be nowadays highly appreciated and evaluated by the Americans. – Foodstuff: the American culinary lifestyle seems to have not any relation with that found in the Lebanese food. Americans rely mostly upon “Fast Food”, with short amount of time needed to put together; this might have its beginnings the lack in time when women and men acquired both to work throughout the industrial innovation at the beginning of the 20th hundred years. In addition , zero religious restrictions regarding the meats or alcohol, but rather a respect for some nutritional preferences like vegan and vegetarian food for some.

Although each society possesses its own peculiarities, values and ethnic distinction, globalization is now invading most communities in the world and shaping these people into a fresh, more homogeneous society having pretty much the same Global Culture; the nature of that culture will probably be that of the most powerful societies’ who invade the weak ones culturally and prevail above them; the particular strongest beliefs will persevere and this is yet another form of have difficulty. The most facet of the American values I’ve adopted is definitely independence being a woman coming from a Lebanese family. Although I had been born and raised in this article, technically We am American; my family likes to think otherwise.

My loved ones is in to the Lebanese tradition very much. My dad came to America when he really was young, might be in his early 20s. He’d visit Lebanon just about every summertime and in 1983 he wedded my mother who was his neighbor.

Immediately after that my parents had my own older brother, than my double brother and i also. My mother came to america at the age of twenty two (I think) and your woman started to bring over my own uncles and grandmother. Therefore , basically most of my family was here on my mother’s area except a pair of her sisters and one particular brother.

We are very family oriented and I was the only girl thus everyone was essentially looking after me because they will thought basically was to take those American way of things I would personally be crazy and do what ever it is I desired. That’s not really how functions in the older country. The sister or perhaps daughter in the family is meant to stay home, take care of the house, clean, cook, and cater to the father and/or friends of her family. Since we lived in America and grew up below, I kind of had this the easy way, for a little while.

I managed to get away with almost everything. I used to be “daddy’s young daughter, ” whatsoever I wanted, I got. I think it was since I was the only girl, in most cases. My father can have me any kind of and almost everything I wanted. In the event my siblings were disturbing me and i also wanted to get them away from myself, all We would do is definitely scream “daddy, they’re hurting me” he would come running and they were the ones in trouble not me personally.

Most of the time I would personally start the fight, therefore it was allowed to be my fault that we ended up fighting, but my father by no means knew that. He by no means wanted to see me cry or get hurt by my friends who were tough and always play fighting. My biological father died once i was six years old of the heart attack and thus my mom was kept as a one parent taking care of two several year olds and a 12 yr old. It was devastating, heart breaking; nothing has been the same since certainly.

My mom was extremely stringent on all of us after the completing of my dad, that was the only method she realized how to protect us using this “evil and cruel world” she would show. My mom had her mom and 3 brothers in this article; my father’s sister resided on the second floor of the house, and so she wasn’t alone taking care of us. Of course mothers get their own method of taking care of their children and the girl didn’t want anyone to replace the way she was bringing up us or perhaps taking care of us.

She produced our lives very hard at times since most of the youngsters we visited school with or existed around were always exterior on the street playing but we weren’t allowed outside of the driveway since she always wished for her eyesight on all of us or somebody always needed to watch us. There was by no means a time in which we were by itself, especially me personally since I’m the girl with the family. My personal brothers got more benefits than I had because of program they were males and I wasn’t.

In 2001 that’s when things got a lot easier for my mother and all of us. She received remarried into a Lebanese person who was from the same metropolis in Lebanon where i was from. The girl was happy and of course i was happy for her and as a family group in general.

A lot more freedom and independence came upon us. He is a very open minded individual. This individual wasn’t moving into America once my mother met him.

He was visiting and ended up being staying mainly because him and my mom fell in love and got married. He type of opened my mother’s head up A LOT, for me. My own brothers always had their freedom in most cases.

My mom started letting myself go to the recreation area with my girlfriends, the girl let me head to birthday parties at close friends houses. The choice of sleeping above someone’s home was by no means there. I had been very happy and thankful that God helped bring this guy into our family. I am close to him; he is my step-father, of course. My father will never be replaced nevertheless a part of myself always sits down and feels maybe my dad brought this kind of man in to our lives; might be he picked out him out for my mom.

This individual and my father are very identical people. While i was going into my jr year of high school mother and father thought of solution idea to maneuver out of the city. It wasn’t so outstanding for us. I was living in Hyde Park.

We left each of our childhood residence, street, close friends, parks, etc . It was a really sad activity. Our fresh home was at Attleboro, Mother. A very region area while oppose to Hyde Area.

That’s exactly where most of my personal independence and freedom required part. I’m thinking my mom was more lenient to letting me do things and go areas because i was now living in the suburbs. I would personally go to my own friend’s residence, sometimes stay there right up until really late at night. Once i turned 17 I learned how to drive, I got my permit and soon after my personal license.

The most freedom a teenager has is definitely when they’re able to travel themselves about and not be based upon other people or their parents for a trip anywhere. My personal freedom and independence started here. It had been the most fantastic time of living. I would drive from Attleboro to Boston almost every other working day. My mom understood where I would be heading, to my own best friend’s house in Boston or to visit my personal grandmother and uncles who have still live in Hyde Area.

The fact that my mother was letting me or allowing me personally to do most of these things defines where I’ve adopted the American “teenage” lifestyle because point of my life. My own religion is important to my loved ones and to myself as well. I actually grew up inside the Orthodox Christian church. I will always have this value coming from my native culture. We don’t believe I’ll ever before forget my personal religion or where my personal beliefs are derived from.

I visited church every Sunday every single since I used to be a little young lady. As for today, I don’t go to cathedral so much ever again. I live a busy life, like most Americans and especially Bostonians.

I always have got time for faith, there’s nothing at all wrong with prayer in the home or anywhere you will be. My siblings and I attended a church camp in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania called Antiochian Village. The mission in the Antiochian Town is to show young people a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith, within their relationship with God and other campers in an uncluttered, environment. We were presently there for two several weeks every summertime. It was possibly the best two weeks out of the entire year.

My spouse and i started going there once i was 12 years old until I was 17. I discovered a lot about my faith, met life-long friends who I phone family now, and learned how you can live devoid of electronics mounted on me every second through the day. It was a major challenge for me because I used to be so used to watching TV each day and using the phone approach friends, and playing games. Our outings to the Community have taught self-awareness. It’s a big aspect of my life.

I believe to accomplish the mission with the Village was to bring young adults: * Awareness of self and fellow guy For me — melting pot/salad bowl — it’s about a country of immigrants turning out to be stronger by both embracing the variety of their cultures but also most feeling they are doing belong to 1 nation as well. I’m mare like a melting weed. I’m more ethnic but they have been combined with American culture. I live my life more of the American lifestyle in some ways a lot more than others apposes to the Lebanese lifestyle. I’m big into the equality of opportunity although in Lebanon the man manages the household, many women are stay at home wives who also take care of your family, cooking and cleaning.

I’m more self-employed that the friends I have in Lebanon. The only women in my family who also work would be the ones with gone to University or college and have located good jobs that are actually worth the cost. In America whether or not one doesn’t have a college degree there exists a high possibility they can be successful.

It might be from learning someone within a certain form of job or perhaps business in which they can receive better benefits and acquire promoted very easily with bigger paying jobs and not also having to stage foot in a college level course. Individuals are the advantages of surviving in America and having opportunity. In Lebanon there are not many options.

Middle class or perhaps very rich families put their children in college or universities. Some people in my family were extremely fortunate to attend college mainly because their parents had to stop their dreams or sell a piece of land that was handed down to them from other fathers or perhaps grandfathers to be able to pay for their particular college tuitions. As I said before independence is my leading turnover from the Lebanese traditions to the American culture. The particular bravest ladies in my tradition stand up to their families or partners and choose to be independent. I have that option without a doubt or without anyone being forced to tell me “No. ” Certainly I have my principles that come from my lifestyle.

These beliefs are what make me whom I was and ideal represent myself as impartial. In Lebanon the people are giving a aiding hand, People in the usa are the same method. I have that benefit very much inconsideration because I usually try to help the less fortunate. I use so much being thankful and grateful by the help of my parents and Goodness that I try and give out a helping hand even if it’s a buck.

There are millions of charities to assist the less fortunate in Lebanon and there are a million charities that we have offered my money, clothes, sneakers, jackets, and so forth to. It provides me great pleasure to do so, it’s extremely frowned upon in the event you know someone who is less fortuitous and doesn’t help them out with what ever it is possible that you could give in Lebanon and I’m sure in the us as well. A few Americans happen to be greedy or cheap and don’t love to give their particular belongings or money aside to destitute or unlucky people but for the most component I see an extremely large amount of contributors to these people. Happiness is a great value that I’ve passed down from both equally cultures; Lebanese and American.

My mom always tells me “it is more preferable to be poor and completely happy than to be wealthy and unhappy, ” meaning regardless of big or deep your pocket it is, investment decision you won’t give you pleasure. I always encircle myself together with the things that make me one of the most happy. It can be of course my children, my close friends, etc . Once i finish institution, I plan on opening my own business it could or may not succeed either way that is my target. It is what’s going to make me happy.

If I become very prosperous or inadequate that is and what will make me one of the most happiest. The idea of my target and dream to be my own, personal boss will offer me great pleasure in saying to somebody “I i am my own boss, ” finally. I hope to get as effective as some in the people within my family will be. Some individual their own organization, some possess very high spending jobs for very well known corporations/businesses. Even if We become a administrator at an enterprise or corporation it will even now make me very happy to say that I’ve completed my dreams in turning out to be “wealthy, ” because that is certainly how I determine wealthy; increasing from the incredibly bottom towards the very top in my life.

I want to present my parents that I have completed my dreams because I have more chances than my personal mother and father would from when they first arrived in this country. It will eventually make me cheerful just seeing my mother cheerful. It’s an excellent thing being, happy. Lebanese people are content whether they are very poor, middle-class, and rich sometimes.

People in the usa don’t start to see the economic position the same as us Lebanese, but I have viewed a number of people the same who have are People in america. Having good health is the most important in a Lebanese family. My personal mother also has always explained “without overall health you have absolutely nothing. ” In the event my father wasn’t healthy he may be continue to alive. I know my father’s side with the family contains a history of cardiovascular disease and he was also under a lot of stress at the time.

Yet he wasn’t healthy in any way. If a person isn’t healthy and balanced, there would be absolutely no way a person can go to school to get an education, go to work to gain their money, not even get up out of their bedrooms. Health is actually a big issue in Lebanon and in America.

Unhealthy weight is growing and growing in America every day. I’m concerned pertaining to myself and family. Good results . the help of God and all of us there is no way being detrimental is an option in my book.

In conclusion, self-reliance, a helping hand, and health possess best described my personal melting pan and shape me as the person We am today. There is no better way to explaining me personally in any different way than I curently have. Thank you.

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