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On their approach the group picks up a hitchhiker who have seems to be visibly sick from the heat and maybe crazy. Yet , the hitchhiker goes on to anguish and violently threaten the group, therefore they keep him privately of the street.

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Once the group finally extends to the house, Kirk and Pam go and search for a classic childhood going swimming hole. After they reach the place, they find that its dried out but , hearing the sound of any nearby electrical generator, the two check out a nearby farm house to see who is around. Kirk goes inside where he activities Leatherface and becomes the villains first victim by way of a sledgehammer. Pam goes in to view what is taking Kirk too long and the lady too is killed by simply Leatherface because they are hung on a meathook.

Night rapidly approaches and the remaining friends begin to stress about Pam and Kirk. Jerry goes out trying to find them and it is killed by Leatherface as he goes on the hunt for victim. He at some point finds Sally and Franklin and suspension springs upon them, repeatedly hard drives his chainsaw through Franklin’s body. Only at that sight, Sally immediately flees by running through the forest towards house. She first hides in below but , following realizing that that in fact belongs to Leatherface, the lady again flees into the nighttime with Leatherface on her run after.

Sally sooner or later makes it into a gas place where the lady pleas to get help. Rather, the owner problems her which has a broom, places a sack over her head and forces her into a pickup truck. It turns out the fact that gas stop owner, known as Old Man, is in fact Leatherface’s older brother. Old Man requires her back in the house where the hitchhiker, also part of the family, is arriving at the same time.

Each morning, Sally manages to escape and is also chased through the countryside by the knife-wielding hitchhiker and the chainsaw wielding Leatherface. Just as the hitchhiker actually reaches her and begins to rute her, he is run over by a passing semi-truck. Sally gets into the pickup truck while Leatherface attacks the automobile with his preference. The driver tosses a wrench tool at Leatherface, knocking him down and causing him to cut his own lower-leg. The driver in that case flees, going out of Sally while travelling. Just as Leatherface is about to get Sally, a pickup passes by simply and she’s able to jump in the back. The film closes with a classic scene of Leatherface waving his observed above his head in frustration although standing in the center of the road.

Obviously, there are tips of Marxists theory found in the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In it there are two sets of people, the Texas relatives, which represents the lower school or Marx’s proletariat, and the group of friends, which presents the lording it over class or perhaps Marx’s bourgeoisies. More so, the film portrays a discord occurring involving the haves plus the have nots, just as Marx claims may be the common span of human history. Even more, although at first the proletariat is successful for “burying” the bourgeoisies, in the long run the bourgeoisies is successful.

In the film, just as Marx’s articles, the reason the bourgeoisies is prosperous is because these are the owners in the technology, or means of production. In the film, this is symbolized by Sally being salvaged by a motor vehicle, which also kills a member of the decrease class friends and family. In other words, the reduced class can be left with their particular simple tools of a saw and a knife, which the end is no match for the high technology of the judgment class. As a result, the lower school is left in the same position, irritated with their lack of ability to alter their particular positions in every area of your life.


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