A lot of uneducated people in today’s time think that the colonies always worked collectively before the French and American indian war. Although sadly those who believe this happen to be wrong. In reality the only connection between the colonies, other than the very fact that they had been all part of England, was through trade. With this loose connection generally there would never become any expect of busting the French in the French and Indian war. But luckily Ben Franklin had a great idea to bring together the groupe called the Albany strategy of union.


Although it was not handed, the Albany Plan of union was obviously a genius idea because it brought every colony under the charge of one council, allowed the gathering of income taxes for armed forces purposes, and united the colonies so they could truly defeat french. First off, throughout America the one thing governing the colonies besides England was each colony’s own colonial assembly. This kept each of the colonies incredibly diverse and independent coming from each other.

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With the Albany Plan each one of the colonies will be under control of any Grand Council, which can be headed by a President General appointed by the king.

This could keep each of the Colonies jointly and pursuing one buy. With this the Colonies could convenient be ready for warfare if anything at all were to happen. Secondly, one more big problem with the separated colonies was the reality barely anything was delivered to help the warfare effort. With no money to get support there is no way to get supplies. Within the Albany Policy for Union, the grand authorities would have the justification to collect fees to go towards war hard work. One of the disagreements about this area of the plan is that the larger groupe became irritated because they can be paying more taxation then the small colonies.

This will prove to be Dernier-né Franklin’s most daring a part of his program. Finally, one of the important elements of this plan was that it combined all the colonies as one. Ahead of this plan the militia was state primarily based and not extremely professional. As well state militia would not leave the border of their own point out. This produced the Militia weak and unable to beat the French. With this union of groupe, the militias could come to the conflict in minutes earning them the nickname, Minutemen. In conclusion, The Albany Plan of Union was truly a genius thought.

Each portion f the program was what the colonies must be united and defeat the French forces. Unfortunately though, The Albany Program of Union needed an approval from legislative house and the colonial assemblies. Eventually it was not passed as the British observed it like a threat plus the Assemblies loved there electricity. Even though it has not been accepted it absolutely was a great idea. Though it was not handed, the Albany Plan of union was obviously a genius thought because it helped bring every nest under the charge of one authorities, allowed the collection of taxation for armed service purposes, and united the colonies so that they could truly defeat the French.

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