African influence on Western Culture Essay


The african continent, a place with a not so peaceful history, has always been secret and amazing, all at the same time. “Afri” was a Latin name utilized to refer to the Carthaginians who have lived in North Africa in the 9th century B. C to the seventh century A. D when the last Punic culture was destroyed inside the Arab cure. Before My spouse and i start recounting my standard point of view for the topic above, I would like to talk about a brief opinion about multiculturalism. Understanding it is not that simple. Some people make reference to multiculturalism as being a word that describes culture where many different cultures live together in peace.

Nevertheless is it always like that? How about inherent racism and fear? Over the last couple of years, lots of people have been exploiting that in order to maltreatment other ethnicities and discriminate people who are totally different from them. Within a normal universe, they would be reprimanded and heavily fined.

In most countries, that’s not the case and even the authorities will not care about these people. On the other hand, most cultures are worthy of respect, like the African ones. Cultures have been completely developed above centuries allowing people to live together, reasonably and quietly. Multiculturalism could mean a country receiving some techniques it will object to, but it can also mean that a culture becomes exposed to other ways of living, which could possess quite a awful impact on the other dwellers.

In conclusion, we must learn that accepting people as they are is very important. It is important to respect the other person, and you ought to know that living by moral standards can be one irreplaceable thing.

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