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Study Question: Will be starch, sweets, protein, and fat present in chocolate milk, cheerios, goldfish, and cheez-its?

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Starch, glucose, protein, and fat presence in various chemicals

Observations Table

Interpretive Results:

Chocolate dairy changed color, becoming just slightly more red after it absolutely was shaken, but the change was so scarcely noticeable that it was determined that there is no starch in chocolate milk. The chocolate milk turned a caramel after adding the solution coming from a green, grayish blue color, showing that sugar is present. There was quite a long proteins chain in the chocolate dairy, as it turned dark crimson, which makes impression because dairy has protein. The chocolates milk did not produce any signs of translucence (or for least it had been difficult to tell), and so the excess fat test led to not one.

The cheerios changed color to purple, showing starch presence. There was also sweets present, while the color changed to yellow. The cheerios stayed at a grayish substance in the protein ensure that you thus confirmed presence of sugar. The cheerios stayed grayish through the protein check, so no protein was determined to become present. There was no places visible inside the fat check, so it was determined being no fat.

The goldfish converted very dark violet, almost purple, showing that starch was present. There were sugar present, though the particular bottom of the tube switched brown lemon, probably since the precipitate obtained at the bottom from the tube because of gravity. There is short proteins chains present because the substance turned a gray pink color. There were small areas of excess fat on the newspaper for the goldfish, so it was decided there was some fat present.

The cheez-its converted purple, demonstrating presence of starch. This stayed orangish gray during the sugar check, showing several presence of sugar. The protein evaluation showed up with purple element, showing existence of lengthy protein organizations. There was a see-through location through the newspaper, showing some presence of fat.

Discussion of uncertainty and limitations:

There was a great deal uncertainty with this lab. Our group got differing thoughts what color the substances turned. This is a huge restriction, because everyone’s discretion is unique. Also, we did not most use graduated cylinders to measure out the amount of substance all of us used each time for the tests. The differing amounts used could affect the color change that occurs, such as power of color. Furthermore, if the equipment was unclean or tainted to substances just before, that could affect the accuracy with the test. Body fat test had not been a very good way to measure if the substance experienced fat present, simply because it had been so hard to share with from the clear spot(s) of any paper hand towel. Also, 5 drops of the solution could be accidentally 6 or 5 drops with the solution, influencing the color change. Also, drop size of the droppers could possibly be different. General, this test was incredibly flawed.

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