a crucial reflection composition on islam essay


Islam becoming the fastest growing religious beliefs, has adhered a lot of positive as well as negative interest from the press. Due to this vast media affect stereotypes in Islam have got increased by terrorism, Muslims have been discriminated merely due to the negative outlook that North America has portrayed upon these people. The press tends to twist the truth and to help make it Muslims appear perilous. Having that simple accordance of one another will be the learn to making a difference.

Islam is one of the most inspiring religions in the world.

It is utilized in many countries, which includes Northern Africa, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Turkey, Usa, Pakistan and Iraq. As a result of it getting such a sizable religion, us people of the western world tend to have just a little understanding and knowledge about the religion. The very bitter reality is that not a large number of people beyond the religion can fully grasp their particular principles. With so many stereotypes being continuously circulated, it is quite hard to get an evident photo about Islam both as being a religion as way of living.

The initial stereotype has to do with the jihad. Jihad practically means “The struggle in the path of God, or “holy war. This term unfortunately have been totally misitreperted and made for making it appear as though the Muslim persons fight their particular way through all their challenges.

Jihad may mean types spiritual struggle against infidels and does not always refer to real violence. This kind of pillar of faith has been totally turned around to be able to portray Islam in a bad manner, which can be surly something that we’ve modified to throughout the media. One other stereotype is that women inside the Muslim society are not cured equally or with respect. People truly feel this way because the women typically wear a hijab which in turn consists of a veil covering the mind. This is actually an individual choice of the ladies, not a requirement. It was stated in the Qu’ran that women and men were to be treated equally. By judging people too quickly we tend to miss to look inside rather then to make assumptions due to an overall look.

Stereotypes including the ones pointed out are absolutely biased and extremely unfair towards the Muslim people. Many times, the media would not catch the side of the story where real persons are staying affected and influenced by what the contemporary society thinks and says info. We manage to act as although we are more superior and this we are perfect and do not make some mistakes. Just because somepeople from a certain religion produce a poor choice does not mean that everyone else is that religion is bound to as well. It is the same with the Muslim persons. Just because you will discover terrorists who have hurt themselves and those around them for self-centered reasons, does not mean that every other Muslim is equally as destructive.

That stuff seriously people need to become more unbiased and try to do research and become even more educated ahead of judging and discriminating. In the event that for once almost all religions noticed eye to eye and did not try to put the other person down then simply we would reside in a much peaceful world. Simply by not turning into educated, all of us basically consider someone else’s opinion, or the medias and make it our very own without seeking deeper into the situation. If we just has stopped being selfish just for a moment, probably we can begin again and try to live in tranquility with our many other human beings.

In the past two weeks I have learned a whole lot about Islam, although I had know the basis of the religious beliefs people my loved ones practices it. Although some from the thinks that we thought I knew turned out to be totally false I usually thought the ladies never played a role in society and the Muslim people really performed have extremist views. After taking a closer look, I came to understand that I was far from. It was thus interesting and almost relieving to visit that recognition that these individuals are simply confusing and are the victims of brutal discriminatory attacks.

The greatest thing I actually learned via all this was not to judge an e book by the cover. We can’t really have an opinion or perhaps pass wisdom on a condition that we know nothing of. I recognized now that persons twist things in order to get a good story but as soon because people are well-informed about these concerns, the media can no longer mislead us in believing all of it. Acting upon new knowledge, and most notably correct knowledge is the way to see throughout the discrimination and show deep inside.

Myths and stereotypes about Islam and the Muslim community include increases majorly in the past couple of years. People have turn into too speedy to judge and believe anything that the mass media tells them. Through understanding and accordance about Islam and the Muslim people we might come to know that it is all a simple misunderstanding and that the Muslims will be victims in this manifesto. We need to not allow others type opinions in ourhead and stay unaware to the reality of the world. In this way we preserve ourselves coming from becoming something which is not really human being, but much more a software that’s becoming controlled by the multimedia, if we only stop and think pertaining to ourselves, we’re able to live in a harmonious relationship, and achieve world peace, a feeling gowns everlasting.


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