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Concert Review

Concert Review: Lucia di Lammermoor, October nineteenth, 2011

Lucia di Lammermoor is an opera based on a Scottish romance simply by Sir Walt Scott. Composed by Gaetano Donizetti, this can be a thrilling safari, performed thrillingly by the Based in dallas Opera solid (Dallas Opera). The main heroes are played by Elena Masuc, who have plays it character, Bryan Hymel, whom plays Sir Edgardo dalam Ravenwood, and Luca Grassi, who performs Lord Enrico Ashton. Minimal characters happen to be played simply by Jordan Bisch, Scott Quinn, Aaron Blake and Cynthia Hanna (Dallas Opera). The pieces will be played by a medium-sized orchestra, as well as being sung by the actors: Masuc is a soprano, Hymel is a mezzo-soprano, and Grassi is a baritone, Bisch is a bass, Quinn and Blake are tenors, and Hanna is a mezzo-soprano (Dallas Opera). There isnt a audio system, rather the performers highly effective voices taken through the lounge. The efficiency was at the Winspear Internet explorer House in Dallas, The state of texas at several: 30 PM HOURS on October 19th, 2011, the final gown rehearsal just before opening nighttime two days after. The audience was small , composed mostly of students who were likely participating in a overall performance for school. The dress code was semi-formal, though I was allowed together with jeans and a coat. I was sitting down in the top row in the Upper Grand Tier, the view outside the window of which is partially hidden by the low-hanging ceiling, as well as the large hanging. Thankfully, the ceiling would not obscure the stage or perhaps the supertitles, and the chandelier increases up so as not to prevent the view from the high-seated clients. My simply complaint is the fact it becomes really hard to distinguish the singers via each other at this height, and for a regular overall performance I would recommend a reduced seat.

In Act We, scene two, Masuc sings a very well-known aria called Regnava nel Silenzio. Inside the scene, which takes place near a water fountain at a park entry, the main character, Lucia di Lammermoor, sings to Hannas character about the time she noticed the ghostly figure of the girl who was killed for the very location they stand, but then performs about his passion of her life, Edgardo, who had salvaged her your life earlier inside the story. She sings of these things for about nine extremely strange and beautiful moments. Through the 1st half, Masuc carries a terrifying melody, developing from miserable downward weighing scales to strong, fearful discordant chords with all the orchestra closer to the middle of the piece. It is when Hanna says her ominous eyesight speaks of danger and she should give up her love to get Edgardo that Masuc entirely switches guidelines and performs of Edgardo. Now the melody can be happy and whimsical, and she performs her maximum, most pointed notes from this section. Other elements are treated similar to the way, being break up between the initially and second halves. The orchestra creates dissonant harmonies in the initial half, nevertheless more consonant harmonies inside the second. The main element also adjustments from small to main when Masuc crosses the bridge by fear to happiness. Although this piece is incredible in its make an effort to capture love and fear at the same time, it will not quite compare to the various other famous field in Lucia di Lammermoor.

In Act III, picture 2, Masuc also performs the semblant Il dolciume suono. It truly is referred to as the mad field of the opera, and with good reason. The lyrics of the attitude on their own talk about a beautiful wedding between the key characters, Edgardo and Lucia, but your woman sings this after murdering Arturo (played by Aaron Blake), who have she experienced married just hours prior to, and she gets gone crazy, hallucinating the knowledge. She has on a bloodstained wedding dress since she wanders the room, vocal singing whimsically since the orchestra compliments her voice. The tone colour of her voice is fancyful, which collection against the material, the previous incidents and her bloodstained wedding dress should have been disturbing, even though it well displayed the characters madness. Instead, I discovered myself deeply enchanted by the voice of Masuc towards the point which i didnt know the other players had left the stage until they were every gone. This kind of must be the complete point with the piece, although, as Lucia herself doesnt realize all of us have left both. At this point, most of the music might not be lyrical, yet instead she actually is simply vocal, expressing her crazed pleasure of hallucinating her marital life to the person she really loves.

I had developed very few important observations to make note of. I thought the pieces had been sung brilliantly by each of the performers. My spouse and i also thought that all, though the band was a little small , they did a wonderful job of creating a multi-emotional atmosphere for the music. I did have one main small issue with the Hymel, the tenor lead, whom that night kept his words, was occasionally hushed and not so state. This is generally known as marking. Additional singers did this to a certain extent, but non-e more than Hymel. It was, nevertheless , a dress rehearsal, and it is understandable that he’d want to save his tone of voice for the opening evening, the real thing.

I came across myself carefully enjoying the music this opera offered to its audience. I came into the opera, and indeed this category, believing that opera is actually a just for hoity-toity types with enough money to spend about listening to singers who couldnt even correctly hit a note without giving it lots and lots of excess vibrato. After coming in contact with it, though, I found i really do appreciate this type of music, the beauty of the solo arias and the depth of the attire numbers. I really do still believe theres such a thing while too much vibrato, but I could see past that a lot better now. My spouse and i also very very much enjoyed the epic level of the opera, that the writer and artists managed to stretch such a basic story to such a sizable length, which didnt take the time me as much as I thought it would. I did find it slightly funny that the Donizetti decided to give the characters relatable Italian 1st names put together with more foreign Scottish surnames, such as Enrico Ashton and Edgardo di Ravenwood. I am sure it had been with good intentions, although I had taken the names even more amusingly than seriously. Still, Lucia pada Lammermoor is a superb opera, using a great account and fantastic music. Though this nighttime the vocalists were observing their sounds, Im sure they do a much better job vocal for true. I suggest it.

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