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CED 322: Case Study In the case of the 46 year-old female consumer, I would begin my analysis of her by looking to relieve her current condition of anxiety. My own first objective would be to allow her to feel secure and comfortable when she makes its way into my business office. I want her to know that my office is a safe haven from something that causes her to relapse.

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In addition , simply by congratulating her decision to find treatment I can make early strides in developing trust and relationship from the start.

As soon as the client and i also spend some time looking at her life story, I would ask her to complete the SASSI-3 to give me a well balanced point of view of her overall have a problem with cocaine and heroin maltreatment. Although Trying to find given a lot of background information for the client’s previous history of misuse, I feel that the SASSI-3 may give me some insight to habits and traits she developed via her as well as lifestyle growing up. Seeing that I have several information about her early use of alcohol, I would also administer a MAST which could produce some understanding on her dependency with liquor.

I would be able to better learn how alcohol leads to her utilization of heroin and cocaine. When I can determine how they assimialte I can in that case accurately identify her and lead to a more successful treatment strategy. Through the current info I would analyze this client with Crack and Opioid- Induced Feeling Disorder (292. 84). The customer reports that she relapses when this wounderful woman has a wish to feel “numb which tells us her feelings and emotions are primary factors that influence her addictive habit.

Also, her addiction is indeed severe that she promises that the lady uses at times for no reason whatsoever. Since the girl with remorseful and fearful of her existence, I feel that she’s searching for the proper treatment to rid very little of this life threatening addiction. This wounderful woman has the desire to change but is in need of the will to alter. I would concentrate on her everyday activities, eliminating the parts of her day that involve thoughts or ideas that lead to employing heroin and cocaine. To obtain the that the lady use the 12 step software and group therapy because new ways to steer her to recovery.

Since she applying these substances in non-public, I feel your woman could possibly benefit from others who have know and feel the same struggles as she will. This would enable her never to feel by itself in her recovery and bring a feeling of accountability to avoid from urge. I would screen her improvement in the doze step plan and motivate her to patiently full each step. I’m basing my own treatment strategy on trust. In order to get rid of her fear and anxiety along with her addiction through these kinds of screens and methods, the girl must be willing to trust very little at all times.

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