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Movie Weblog week 5 When a Person Loves women Alice is usually married to Michael who will be an airplane pilot and in addition they have two daughters the older girl Jess can be Alice’s by a previous relationship and the youthful daughter Casey is their own together. Alice is a junior high direction counselor and in addition an intoxicating. The movie experiences their your life together and shows just how Alice’s dependency affects the family.

Alice goes to treatment and gets sober and her and Michael have trouble adjusting to dry Alice plus they break up yet at the end with the movie they get back together.

The main character in crisis is usually Alice because of her liquor addiction. The precipitating events that induced the problems are her drinking and her marriage with her husband who seems to belittle her typically. The elements that exacerbated the catastrophe are when Alice got into an accident mainly because she was drunk. The coping abilities she applied were when she came into rehab to get sober. Using the Catastrophe in Circumstance Theory the crisis is definitely Alice as an alcoholic and when the lady falls out from the shower her daughter Jess thinks she is dead.

The machine is Alice and the community is the area that she lives and works in and the stakeholders are her husband Eileen and two girls Jess and Casey. The levels of the problems involve Alice and her family once dealing with her alcoholism. The family of Alice is close in physical proximity towards the crisis and in addition has reactions to the problems. The reciprocal effect with Alice and Michael is definitely they have to learn to be a couple when Alice is dry and then her children have to be able to reduce Alice to get treating these people poorly once she was drinking.

Film production company also displays the time factor even as we see Alice interacting with her family after her problems as she continues to go to AA. Alice does return to normal daily functioning and is also invested in being sober by attending AA meetings and working on her personal interactions with her husband and children. Alice did experience growth content crisis and took control of her actions once addicted and speaking at AA gatherings. Some personal issues I might have when dealing with Alice while in crisis happen to be that she’s first a mother and she is neglecting to take care of her kids and even actually hit Jess across the face.

I would support Alice notice that she must get dry for herself and her children but not be judgmental to her. When working with Alice I would perform self-care simply by continuing to exercise regularly and spend time looking after my kids. Resources Mandoki, L. (Director). (1994). If a Man Adores a Woman [DVD]. Us: Touchstone Home Entertainment Myer, Ur. A., & Moore, They would. B. (2006). Crisis in Context Theory: An Environmental Model. Record Of Guidance & Development, 84(2), 139-147.

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