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This has triggered an enormous embrace the variety of the labels equipment, supplies and style techniques. Just before this, in Ghana, persons had thought of corks and bottles just as presentation components. Ghanaian had viewed packaging simply as a protective tool rather than a communication application and Completely centered on containers, containers, containers, etc .

While using growth of promoting and self-service however , companies and for that matter Ghanaian have come to know the value of the labels as a highly effective communication tool in promoting than Just a box or wrapper because of intense intention out there.

Packaging is to be considered as a piece of the real product once seen in the light of the three major pieces of a product, the core, increased and expanded product. These essential features, benefits, top quality level, style, brand name, logo plus a number of related offerings will be what the buyer expects to look for and all these are generally carefully put in presentation and marking. It should be noticed that people today purchase goods not necessarily for its functional factors but due to packaging, Drank, logo, shades etc .

Evidence of good the labels is proven by the majority of the foreign products we see in our market segments , an exhibition of extremely bright and attractive labeling and pack designs that catch the eyes of buyers quickly and immediately. In 1996, consumer criticism led to the passage of the federal reasonable packaging and labeling Take action which requires that consumer goods always be clearly tagged in convenient , to , figure out terms to provide consumers additional information. Due to this additional today, right now place wonderful emphasis on the registration and protection of their brands and labels and distinctive features.

Some n them have centralized departments that control the use of brands so as stop imitation especially by transact mark. One other significant point out consider has to do with the consumer and just how he or she identifies brands where he is becoming loyal. Available in the market these days, buyers do not have time for you to consider every factor of the product. As a result, they normally pick the manufacturer they are acquainted with. In this respect, producers in Ghana should strife to make plans that are attractive and different by others that will give optimum and useful information to customers to create purchase periods.

The size, condition, design and closure of the pack must also go a long way to improve the image of the product and present a visual appeal. The Cacao Processing Business Limited has been chosen as an area for the study because this company is seen as a model in front of large audiences. The main problems are the Fantastic Tree Chocolate Products. Product packaging is becoming a progressively important aspect of marketing strategy. Companies are seeking product packaging as a way to entice customers to new and existing products or brands.

For existing brands there exists growing propensity to repackage, that h to upgrade the existing package, wrapper or perhaps container. In 1989, the Cocoa Digesting Company created or repackaged its Glowing Tree Sweets to enhance the of the products. Redesigns expense as little as FASHIONABLE, OHO to CHOUGH and therefore are seen as possibly cost effective way to boost sales. There are two different styles in packaging, one consists of reducing their packaging size and the other is increasing the type. A significant the labels issue facing marketers is a environmental effect of deals.

Concern keeps growing about the effect of plastic-type packaging upon animals and human beings. Ocean animals and birds mistake discarded plastic-type packaging and bags for food which results in the damage of their digestive tracts. Many of these plastic plans have been located to be harmful to the globe’s ozone part. Today’s plastic material package can remain in one piece for up to 4 centuries, and thus packaging manufacturers are placing millions of cash into study to find eco-friendly plastic product packaging.

Packaging is designed to protect a product or service from spoilage and maintain their functional type. It is to offer convenience to get consumers to assure portability and helps in determining the product while using company. Most of all, packaging and labeling go a long way in connecting the product features, characteristics, benefits and others towards the customers plus the outside globe. A bad product packaging automatically describes a bad item. A package therefore , should be able to attract attention instantly and make intent to acquire.

A package must inform the consumer most he or she really wants to know about a product to enable her make obtain decision, to ensure that a bundle and its labeling should behave as a silent salesman. Presentation in Bekwai, ghana had not really developed as with the worldwide markets which had affected the effective marketing of products made in Ghana. These items are sometimes extremely high in quality and should sell well for the international marketplace but the presentation of these products leaves very much to be ideal.

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