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As People in the usa living in america, we don’t often get to determine or knowledge what others think of us in other regions of the world. Most can only think and ponder. Thomas Swann Woodcock came to the United States in 1830 via England. In the writings, he left us a short passage in […]

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(1). What was the cause of the enmity that developed between Thomas Morton and his group and the Pilgrams at Plymouth? What was his major wrongdoing? The harsh result of the Pilgrims to Morton was explained only partly by their abhorrence of the Maypole incident. They also were offended by his open ridicule of their […]

This is basically the case because in meditation someone reflects on his own lifestyle and indicates how he is created by God into the person that he is. In deep breathing, a person does not pretend and does not try to assume one other role yet another characteristic. Merton presents that there is the resistance […]

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