Hydrochloric acid Essay Examples

Goal My goal is to locate the volume of hydrochloric acid solution needed to neutralise sodium hydroxide. Theory Titration is a clinical method used to analyse a chemicals focus. In this test 10cm3 of sodium hydroxide should be neutralised by 10cm3 of hydrochloric acid. Phenolphthalein is used in this experiment as an indictor where the […]

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Introduction: In reference to the collision theory, molecules work as small spheres that conflict and bounce off one another, transferring energy among themselves when the clash. In order for a reaction to occur, there should be collisions among molecules. Through experimentation, elements are discovered that influence the response rates of chemical reactions include the concentration […]

1 . 0. 0- Launch 1 . 0. 1- Concentrate Question- In case the mass of magnesium reacted with hydrochloric acid can be changed will the temperature of the solution increase and the total mass decrease. 1 . zero. 2- Hypothesis- If the mass of magnesium that is responded with hydrochloric acid is usually changed […]

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