Signs of a donned path dissertation

Phoenix Knutson; an old renegrido woman that partakes on a journey to adopt medicine to her sick nephew that is away in another area. Phoenix is usually old and through the history there are many accounts that I think are representational to staying of age. Being one with nature Phoenix, arizona Jackson is decided to travel through the forest to tend to her sick nephew.


The story alone was filled with symbols, a lot of that where more noticeable then other folks. Phoenix’s confront was said to look like a woods with burning up glow beneath it.

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Basically saying the lady was a single with character, that the lady was in contact with the organic side of things. And her identity is Phoenix, az which is similar name in the mythical Egypt bird that lives intended for 500 years, and then passes away but for 500 years that regenerates itself. Her identity symbolizes in her retirement years she endures.

In her old age the girl with also in touch with nature because her tree trunk just like face displays.

There are many times your woman talks to the animals: “Out of my way, whatever you foxes, owls, beetles, plug rabbits, coons and outrageous animal! Retain out by under these feet, small bob-whites. Keep your big wild hogs out of my own path. Do not let non-e of people come operating my direction. I got a lengthy way(1) just as touch she is with mother nature, there are many occasions that the forest showed signs of death once she viewed a buzzard sitting over a dead tree, then the girl seen a scare crow. That also represents fatality, but she ended up dance with the scare crow like she was dancing about death.

Until now through the quest Phoenix come upon many different items. She even had a emblematic dream; which in turn had her reaching for a marble dessert from a boy which symbolized her living for the longer time frame. It also had a simple reason, just her hallucinating due to old age. Nevertheless along the way Phoenix, az came across a highly that she drank as a result meant longevity.

A lot of the emblems in the story had to do with her age or death. Right after she was done having from the spring, a black dog arrived at her growling which symbolizes loss of life once again. The lady hit your dog and it ran apart. After the encounter with the puppy Phoenix stumbles in declines into a ditch. Where your woman douses off and provides a dream of her reaching and nobody pulling her up. Which usually symbolizes Goodness looking down at her but does not reach for her because it is not her time for you to go to Paradise. After she wakes up by her fantasy she gets out the throw away and results in a white-colored hunter with two growling dogs.

In her whole Journey the lady had various encounters with symbols of death, but made it through the forest to have the medicine with her sick grandson. “Critical discussion of “A Worn Path largely has been worried about thematic interpretation of the operate, particularly the story’s racial, mythological, and Christian motifs.  (2) Perhaps even called a Christian pilgrimage, because of the times The almighty is mentioned and how the girl with still keeping life. And he dealing with that forest sacrificing very little could go back to the scarifies Jesus would. But despite having those things in it, there were still icons of the mythological creature.

Because Phoenix walked through the forest she struggled with bad vision and hallucinations but nonetheless made it towards the hospital to aid her son. “The put together effects of her old age, her poor perspective, and her poetic view of the world increase the lyricism and meaning of the story.  (2) Which manufactured the story better to the readers. Every hardship had a several meaning, and brought her closer to her goal.


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