negative leadership behavior essay


Bad Leadership Habit

Negative leadership experience can be equally a bad encounter and a learning experience. We have all had bad experiences with commanders and we should use these kinds of experiences to aid us grow and become good leaders. Poor leaders usually be targeted more on themselves than on their employees and this may cause employees to lose trust in all their leader and disregard their particular leader’s direction and guidance. A lot of companies go through because of poor leadership and leaders certainly not utilizing their workers properly.

An organization can still become successful even if it includes poor management from what I have experienced, but the success is generally short lived. A business will not reach its goals or stay in the loop for with poor leadership.

My personal experience with poor leadership can be when market leaders fail to recognize their staff member’s person talents and provide the right assignments to the best prospects (Simonton). I was working in Staples because their Easy Tech Associate plus the leadership there was clearly terrible.

The mangers were laid back and one particular had only turned twenty-one years old together with the mind of your 13 year old. They would assign people responsibilities and leave without outlining anything or perhaps showing them what they needed done. My boss was terrible by his task and could not fix a pc to save his life. There are several times where he made consumers promises that he didn’t want to deliver as well as I would have to come in and save him. He was extremely unorganized each time I actually came into operate I had to hunt things down which i needed and play discover the paperwork for computers that were generally there for fix. It made my task harder being forced to clean up after him and kept me from obtaining things performed that I had to do. This seemed like I had formed to go at the rear of everyone that worked generally there

since nobody appeared to know what they were doing. This is why I sooner or later quit.

My personal poor leadership experience for Staples seriously addressed several poor command characteristics. The management group showing a lack of energy and desire simply by not nurturing if whatever got carried out right or got performed at all. That they set low goals on their own so that they may feel like we were holding accomplishing a thing, but will try to pawn off the actual work upon their employees. They would not listen to any ideas from their employees because they seemed they knew it all. This place was very difficult for me mainly because I can’t stand working for someone who I was smarter than, but they think they are better than me. The frontrunners there as well lacked any type of true leadership skills or any real skills at all (AG Careers). My spouse and i couldn’t sell anything unless of course I would become there to perform the work. Almost every time We came to job I had to manage an irate customer mainly because my administrator failed to carry out what he previously promised them. Poor management not only makes the employees suffer, but the organization suffers too.

To fix this problem, Staples should pay more awareness of who they put in leadership roles and what assignments that they share with employees. They could pay attention to their staff more and execute a better work at addressing their personnel concerns a great suggestions. The management staff should take more time to show employees how to effectively do things so that they are done right the first time without one has to travel after all of them and repair it. The managing team may also do a better job for leading simply by example. In the event the managers performed their portion, this would lure the employees to work harder and the store would be in so much better shape (Simonton). Staples can also provide extra training for their managers to help point out all their poor leadership qualities and have absolutely them methods to address these to turn all of them into good leadership attributes.


Poor people leadership i experienced by Staples did not make me think badly in the people I actually worked with, nonetheless it did make Favorites as a business look poorly organized. Negative leaders don’t just make themselves look bad, they make the company look bad as well. It really is as very important to a company to

talk about bad leadership qualities as it is good leadership qualities. Once good leadership practices will be exercised, employees will take satisfaction in their job and long lasting leaders placed into it will be multiplied by how many personnel that they have. To ensure that a company to achieve success and stay successful, they must have a fantastic strong leadership team. With out good leadership, they are like a ship in sea with no paddles or perhaps motor, they may just wander around or perhaps sink instead of getting to all their destination.


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