How to list skills in a resume correctly

If you started creating a resume, think about what abilities are worth indicating in this document and which are not. First of all, it’s worth remembering that it’s necessary to list the skills that show your strengths. Besides, if some of the qualifications possessed in the document remain only at the training stage, make sure to mention this in the resume.

This also affects the adoption of a favorable decision on your candidacy. Also, one may find himself/herself in a situation where the employer indicates in the vacancy some specific fields that you do not yet possess. In turn, a candidate can discuss the process of mastering these abilities and the approximate periods for which he/she feels ready to learn.

Also, each candidate is analyzed on having soft and hard skills. Let’s find out what these terms mean and why they gain popularity today.

Soft Skills Review

Each person has individual qualities that remain unique to him/her. These abilities show how people interact with each other and establishes communication channels. These skills base on your own emotions and individual life experiences. Soft Skills include:

  • Critical thinking. Critical thinking is the ability to identify ideas and think about practical actions in a specific situation. An employee who can quickly and competently make decisions will always become a priority candidate.
  • Reliability. Employees who complete tasks to the end have a critical aspect of career success.
  • Leadership. The ability to manage staff in the absence of a manager or CEO is one of the essential qualities appreciated at work. At the same time, the employee must have the foresight and demonstrate flexibility in communication with other employees.
  • Increased attention to detail. The ability to concentrate on the task and not lose sight of its considerable value in any position.
  • Initiative. The company’s management greatly appreciates employees who strive to perform significantly more tasks than they were initially set for.
  • Communication. The ability to establish good relations with other employees in the company is a vital skill, especially for senior positions. The ability to correctly convey the main idea and set a task remains a must for any manager, regardless of the business direction.
  • Flexibility. This feature allows the candidate to resolve problem situations even before they arise.

Hard Skills Review

These exist technical competencies that are acquired in the process of obtaining education or additional certificates that confirm the qualifications of employees. Hard Skills are qualifications that you can measure in real-time and confirm with relevant documents.

Hard Skills for various specialties

Here we will list the examples of the most crucial performing competencies for various specializations:

  1. Computer programming. Employees engaged in computer programming must have the skills to create applications, manage a computer system, administer the operation of servers, ensure the smooth operation of equipment, system analysis, and so on.
  2. Accounting Specialist. Often the role of an accountant lies in registering various financial transactions, maintaining monthly financial records, advising company managers on taxation issues, conducting an internal audit procedure and analyzing financial information about the company throughout the entire time.
  3. Legal Assistant. The legal assistant should be well versed in administrative work, analyze the entire document flow of the company, navigate in all legal matters, ability to archive documents, and so on.
  4. Financial director. The primary competencies of the financial director are preparing monthly reports, adjusting financial plans, preparing quarterly and annual reports, administering information about the current economic condition of the company, analyzing market trends.
  5. Web Designer. The primary responsibility of the web designer is to develop advertising layouts and other materials necessary for the functioning of the website. Besides, employees in this field should have knowledge in the field of computer programming as well as graphic design.

Conclusion: Key takeaway

Remember that the skills indicated in the resume should have exceptional importance. Also, they must be adapted directly to the position for which you’re applying. Nowadays, company leaders evaluate candidates not only for their hard skills but also for soft skills that help each candidate to quickly adapt to a new place and get to work right away.

Try to correctly distribute all the critical competencies in your resume so that the personnel manager is interested in learning more about you on a personal interview.

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